ecoDMS (burns): Build 23.01

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  • Following the expiration of the trial period, private users can continue using ecoDMS for free in the Free4Three version.
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Full Package of all Basic Components

Install Basic Components individually

Important Information about Installing on Linux Distributions

ecoDMS is a system that consists of different modules and works as a client-server system. The main system elements are ecoDMS Server, ecoDMS Client, including Inbox and Connection Manager, and the virtual PDF/A Printer. As an option, there are various additional components for email clients and Office applications. When installing on Linux distributions, ecoDMS is setup using the console. Refer to the ecoDMS installation manual for a detailed step-by-step guide and the required "sources.list" entries. You cannot download the components straight from the ecoDMS website. Please note, that the ecoDMS packages for Ubuntu and Debian are only available for 64-bit systems.

ATTENTION! Please install ecoDMS Client under Linux with: sudo apt-get install ecodmsclient --reinstall



Important Information about Installing on macOS Distributions

To work with ecoDMS on MacOS, you must install ecoDMS Server on a separate instance. We recommend you install ecoDMS Server on Windows, Ubuntu, Debian (for example, on a virtual machine) or on a supported NAS - device. This allows you to access the server from the macOS client and establish a connection via the Connection Manager. You can also access ecoDMS via the Webclient. Please note that ecoDMS Server and ecoDMS PDF/A Printer are not available for macOS due to the lack of demand. The same applies to the MS Office add-in, for which the interfaces on the Microsoft side are not complete in a MacOS-version. Instead, you can use the Open Office and Libre Office add-on.
1.0.4 | ecoDMS Build 23.01
Wednesday, 02 August 2023 08:00
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The ecoMAILZ plugin connects “ecoMAILZ”, the automatic email archive, with ecoDMS, so all emails and content are archived straight to ecoDMS. Managing both emails and other important documents in one place allows comprehensive data management, giving users a full overview of their information and allowing them quick access to the information they need without switching between systems.
Vollversion, Demoversion
Sunday, 07 October 2018 12:35
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