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ecoDMS offers a broad spectrum of features that enable companies and private individuals to manage their documents securely and efficiently.

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Searching, Filtering and Favorites

Automatic full-text recognition (OCR) in ecoDMS makes searching for documents as easy as googling. The software has intelligent search and filtering options. You can save recurring search queries as favorites.

Automatic full-text recognition (OCR) with fast full-text search

  • Use search terms to perform a quick search of the contents, metadata, classification attributes and notes of the archived documents with the full-text search of ecoDMS.
  • There are several "techniques" for the full-text search. For example, in addition to simple search terms, you can use wildcards like the asterisk (*) and other operators. You can use wildcards, such as the asterisk symbol (*) and other operators.
  • The ecoDMS OCR recognises different languages during indexing. The administrator can choose from the following languages: German (default), English (default), French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Italian
  • You can enable ecoDMS OCR (full-text indexing) as default for all new documents. This means, for example, that during the archiving process ecoDMS reads, recognizes, and archives documents processed by a different OCR software with the ecoDMS text information. 

Numerous Search and Filtering Features for Quick Retrieval

  • The Advanced Search allows you to use a variety of values for your search query in ecoDMS. You can use available classification attributes and the full-text search. 
  • Use a user-defined keyboard shortcut  to start the full-text search from any application (e.g. from a webpage, an enterprise resource planning system, an email, etc.). To do so, simply highlight the desired search terms in the corresponding programme and then enter the keyboard shortcut. ecoDMS searches the archived documents for the highlighted terms and immediately displays the results.
  • To enable a simple, date-based search, ecoDMS has predefined search options. With just a click you can display documents from yesterday, today, tomorrow, last week, this week, next week, last month, this month, next month, last quarter, this quarter, next quarter, last year, this year, next year in a flash.

Practical favorites for recurring search requests

  • You can save recurring search queries as favorites. Click a favorite to search with the saved criteria.
  • The favorites are saved by default for personal use in the "Personal Favorites". Administrators can also create and save global search queries. These are shared with specific users or groups in the "Shared Favorites".
  • In addition, you can use the favorites as a basis for data export and load them in the Data Export plugin dialogue.
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