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Interactive workshops as perfect introduction to our software (exclusively for businesses)

Learn how to work with ecoDMS Archive in your daily routine

Working from home is increasingly gaining ground. If you want or need to work efficiently with all relevant documents from anywhere while on the move, the applord ACADEMY offers the perfect introduction. It offers a unique opportunity to participate in an original ecoDMS workshop. The course material and the image of the speaker are transmitted via video conference.
applord ACADEMY
applord ACADEMY offers a broad range of instructive courses and services which can enable you and your company to go even further. The teaching programme addresses beginners as well as advanced users, salespeople, developers and administrators.

Our Workshops: ecoDMS in Practice

Im Rahmen der applord ACADEMY präsentieren wir ausgewählte Themen rund um unsere Software anschaulich am Computer (online). Dabei behandeln wir unterschiedlichste Programm- und Themenschwerpunkte und geben Ihnen hilfreiche Praxistipps.

“Basics” Workshop

The “Basics” workshop is held in an open group. It is ideal for the self-employed and small business owners. A three-hour session on the ecoDMS Archive software covers the following topics:

  • Connection & login with Connection Manager
  • Getting started
  • Classification templates
  • Archiving options incl. classification
  • Searching, filtering and finding
  • Web client

“Business” Workshop

This workshop is exclusively on offer for small, medium-sized and large enterprises in a closed group with up to 8 participants. A four-hour session covers topics tailored to suit the individual business’ needs:

  • Workshop is exclusively reserved for our business customers
  • Selection of topics is based on the customer’s needs defined in advance
  • All ecoDMS products can be booked as focused topics
  • Closed group
  • Up to 8 participants
  • Session is planned for approx. 4 hours

Target Group

The target group includes, for example, users working with and archiving documents who want to build a deep understanding of how to apply our archiving systems:

  • Office management staff
  • Administrative staff
  • Specialists and managers
  • Managing directors

Entire Workshop Held Online

All participants can actively participate in shaping the training course. ecoDMS GmbH provides a virtual seminar room to enable communication.

Everyone will have access to a test environment (VM = virtual machine), in which participants can directly apply the training contents and practice live.

Participants can

  • communicate with each other,
  • chat,
  • see each other via video
  • and interactively shape content at the touch of a mouse-button.

You can book the following workshops

Choose the workshop which best suits your needs.
Interactive Web Workshop
“Basics” Workshop

“Basics” Workshop

200,- €200 net plus VAT
per participant

  • Open group
  • Duration: approx. 3 hours*
  • Theory part
  • Practical, interactive part
  • Virtual machines as test environment
  • Set topics about fundamentals
  • Fixed dates
  • Booking via ecoDMS Online Shop
Interactive Online Workshop
“Business” Workshop

“Business” Workshop

from €1,200 net plus VAT
for 4 participants, plus €100 for each additional person

  • Closed group
  • Max. 8 participants
  • Duration: approx. 4 hours*
  • Theory part
  • Practical, interactive part
  • Virtual machines as test environment
  • Free choice of dates
  • Individual selection of topics according to need
  • Request Offer via Contact Form

*The duration of the workshop may vary depending on the group of participants.

Technical Prerequisites

You can participate from your home office or your workplace in our interactive online workshops.

The technical prerequisites are:

  • Stable internet connection
  • PC or laptop
  • Current web browser (Chrome, Edge or Opera)
  • Loudspeakers or headphones
  • Microphone (e.g. on your laptop or headset)
  • Webcam or laptop camera
  • 2 monitors (ideally)
  • Microsoft Teams Meeting (software recommended, but participation also possible via session link in your browser; by booking, you agree that Microsoft Teams will be used as conference tool)
  • Remote desktop protocol (RDP)* support

*The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a proprietary Microsoft network protocol for remote access to Windows computers. It enables the display and control of the screen content of a remote computer. To enable access to the virtual test machines during the workshop, your system environment must support RDP.

Request Offer

Please request a customised offer for the training modules of our applord ACADEMY to suit your needs. To enable us to determine the cost and the available options and to offer you an optimum service, please fill in our contact form below.

Please note that we can only reply to fully completed forms. We do not consider any support requests via this service. For support cases, please contact our support team directly.

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