• Raspberry PI: The ecoDMS server is now available for Raspberry Pi 2. This allows you to run the ecoDMS system on a Raspberry Pi. Please note the ecoDMS system requirements.
  • ecoDMS Docker: ecoDMS provides the ecoDMS server as a virtual container for Docker. Docker is an open source software which can be used on Linux-based operating system to isolate applications inside software containers by means of virtualisation. Users who wish to install several ecoDMS instances on a piece of hardware, for example, can implement this using the ecoDMS Docker solution. Please note that each ecoDMS server installation still requires its own ecoDMS licence. In order to automatically load the containers when booting the computer, we provide "Autostart Scripts" for download. For more information, including instructions, please visit
  • ecoICE: Importing documents with drag and drop: Use this function to drag and drop TIFF or PDF files from the file system into the scan programme. Please note that in this case the separator function and the automatic template recognition do not work. Template recognition, however, can be executed manually after loading.
  • ecoICE: "Delete all Documents": To remove all documents from the scan programme, you require special system permissions in addition to the standard permissions. For security reasons, this function is only available to users who have been assigned the system roles "ecoSIMSAdmin", "ecoSIMSALLDOCS" and ecoSIMSCLASSIFY". Otherwise the function is not visible.
  • PDF/A Printer: The classification attributes of a classification template can be copied to the clipboard and pasted to any position. The permissions set in the classification are now also transferred for blind text.
  • ecoICE: Fixed error in required fields (during dark classification)
  • ecoICE: Fixed shortcut Alt+PageDown error
  • ecoDMS: Fixed folder link error
  • Web Client: Fixed error in inactive folders
  • Web Client: Fixed error in empty classification attribute "combobox"
  • MacOS: Fixed error during installation (on installed Mac OSX server)
  • ecoICE: Optimised barcode recognition
  • ecoICE: Optimised date recognition
  • ecoDMS: Increased number of attributes
  • Installation: Checks whether computer name contains umlauts