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Full Package of all Basic Components

Install Basic Components individually

Important information regarding installation on linux distributions:

ecoDMS is a system composed of different components that operates as a client-server system. The main elements of the system include the ecoDMS Server, the ecoDMS Client with Inbox and Connection Manager, and a virtual PDF/A printer. There are also optional extensions available for email clients and office applications. When installing ecoDMS on Linux distributions, the setup is done through the console. The exact steps and required "sources.list" entries are described in the ecoDMS installation manual. The components cannot be directly downloaded from the ecoDMS website. Please note that the ecoDMS packages for Ubuntu and Debian are only available for 64-bit systems.



Important information regarding installation on macOS distributions:

As a client-server system, the ecoDMS Server forms the foundation of the entire system. To work with ecoDMS on macOS, you need to install the ecoDMS Server on a separate instance. We recommend installing the ecoDMS Server on Windows, Ubuntu, Debian (for example, in a virtual machine), or on a supported NAS device. This allows you to access the server and establish a connection using the macOS Client and the Connection Manager. Accessing ecoDMS through the web client is also possible. Please note that the ecoDMS Server and ecoDMS PDF/A Printer are not available for macOS due to low demand. The same applies to the Microsoft Office Add-in, as the interfaces provided by Microsoft are not fully supported in a macOS version. However, you can use the OpenOffice and LibreOffice add-ons instead.
1.0.3 | ecoDMS Build 22.08
Tuesday, 04 October 2022 09:44
59.98 KB
Das ecoMAILZ Plugin verbindet das automatische E-Mailarchiv „ecoMAILZ“ direkt mit ecoDMS und lädt dessen Inhalt direkt in ecoDMS. Durch die gemeinsame Verwaltung von E-Mails und anderen wichtigen Dokumenten wird eine umfassende Datenverwaltung ermöglicht, wodurch Benutzer einen besseren Überblick über ihre Informationen erhalten und schnell auf benötigte Informationen zugreifen können, ohne zwischen verschiedenen Systemen wechseln zu müssen.
Vollversion, Demoversion
Sunday, 07 October 2018 12:35
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We recommend the use of separator pages to scan documents in a batch process. This saves later manual document separation. Separator pages indicate to the system that a new document is about to begin. The system automatically splits the documents and reads them in individually. This PDF file is a print template for the separator page. ecoDMS recognises and automatically hides separator pages and empty pages if this function is not disabled in the programme. Print the two-page document (any number of copies) in two-sided mode so that the letter "T" is on both the front and on the reverse side of a DIN-A4 sheet (duplex method). Always insert a separator page at the end of a single or multi-page document and insert the next document behind it.
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