ecoDMS Developer License

Connect ecoDMS with Your Software

If you want to connect ecoDMS to your software solution, we offer a special developer license for a one-time purchasing price of 299.00 EUR incl. 19% VAT (EUR 251.26 net). It includes the following:

  • Latest ecoDMS NFR license with 3 concurrent connections and a 24-month update period
  • Full ecoDMS API access
  • Activation of ecoWORKZ

For Software Developers

  • The developer license is aimed exclusively at software developers and private users, who want to programmatically connect ecoDMS to third-party software and create custom function calls
  • Please note that developer licenses can only be purchased using our contact form and not from our online shop.

License Information

  • This license may only be used for development purposes
  • The developer license is provided exclusively for connecting external software to ecoDMS; the developer license is not intended for one-time data transfer or similar
  • Commercial, productive use is not permitted; this license may only be used productively for private purposes
  • The license is always assigned to a previously defined licensee and the ecoDMS version valid at the time of purchase
  • The number of concurrent connections on the ecoDMS server is limited to a maximum of 3
  • The developer license is valid to be activated on one server instance
  • The ecoDMS license allows you to install and use the software under all supported operating systems with full functionality and the available ecoDMS addons/plugins
  • The update period for the developer license is 24 months. You can continue using but not update the software once the license has expired.

Apply for Developer License

We will be pleased to provide you with a developer license. To apply, fill in the following form. Once we have successfully checked your details, we will:

  • Send you preliminary invoice via email within several working days. Provide the developer package following an advance payment of the license fee of EUR 299.00 incl. 19% VAT (EUR 251.26 net).
  • Once we have received your advance payment, you will receive the products you offered as well as the actual invoice as soon as possible during our business hours.

Important information: We provide the developer license for developing purposes only. This is why we need to check every application first. A filled out application does not oblige ecoDMS GmbH to supply the developer license.

Please note: As business clients from the EU & Switzerland, you are subject to the reverse charge system, so you are required to enter your VAT number or VAT ID number (UID) when you fill out the form.

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