API REST service programming interface for ecoDMS (for software developers)

License the ecoDMS API REST service from EUR 0.42 incl 19% VAT per monthly upload / download with the ecoDMS API.

License Fee

  • The costs for the ecoDMS API depend on the number of required monthly API connects (scaled prices)
  • 1 API connect = 1 monthly upload or download via the ecoDMS API

License Validity

  • API connects are perpetual and can be purchased in any number
  • The fee for the ecoDMS API is due once and not on a monthly basis
  • Every month the API connects are automatically reset, giving you the full number of purchased API connects for each month
  • The API connects are bound to the associated ecoDMS license number
  • In order to use the ecoDMS API, you require an unused concurrent ecoDMS connection

Number of Licenses and Availability

  • You can determine the number of monthly uploads and downloads through the ecoDMS API.
  • The total number of uploads and downloads is the number of required API connects
    • If, for example, you want to process (up- or download) 1,000 documents per month with the API, you need to make a one-time purchase of 1000 API connects
    • The 1000 API connects are then available to you each month
    • If necessary, you can increase the number of API connects
  • To allow you to test the API, each concurrent ecoDMS connection automatically includes 10 API connects
    • These will persist even if you purchase more API connects
    • The ecoDMS trial version includes 30 API connects
  • All uploads and downloads via the ecoDMS API are counted
    • Calling folder lists does not require API connects
  • You can call the number of available API connects and those consumed during the current month through the ecoDMS API itself or view them in the ecoDMS Settings

You do not have to use the API. The use of ecoDMS is unrestricted even if you do not use the API REST service.

Developer License

299,00 € (incl. 19% VAT)
net 251,26 €

  • ecoDMS NFR license with 3 concurrent connections and 24-month update period
  • Full ecoDMS API access
  • Activation of ecoWORKZ