API REST Service

Programming interface for the ecoDMS document management system

Price on Request
  • ecoDMS ONE required as base application
The API enables you to scale existing ecoDMS featuresusing the API REST service. This helps companies customize internal work processes and improve efficiency. Code various calls to access ecoDMS features. This allows you to customize the scope of features to suit your specific requirements. The API is not required for the general operation of the document management system.

The API enables the seamless integration of ecoDMS with various third-party applications and systems. This, for example, allows users to archive and manage documents from familiar applications without needing to switch between applications.

The API supports various programming languages and has comprehensive online documentation to ensure easy integration and usage.

Each ecoDMS full version license (Private / Business Edition) includes a number of free API connects for testing purposes. To purchase the unlimited API, you need to purchase ecoDMS ONE. ecoDMS ONE is the full package for business customers and comprises our software solution ecoDMS, incl. WORKZ add-on and API, as well as ecoMAILZ. This gives you guaranteed planning security with fixed annual calculable costs.
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