What is ecoDMS API REST Service?

Programming Interface for ecoDMS Software

ecoDMS API REST Service is an integral component of the ecoDMS document management system. It is an interface for software developers. Companies or individuals, who want to connect third-party systems with ecoDMS, can purchase API connects for extended activation of the ecoDMS API in our online shop. In addition, we offer a developer license with full API access.

Notes: For test and demo purposes, an ecoDMS license already includes 10 API connects per purchased concurrent connection. If you are a business customer and decide to purchase our comprehensive “ecoDMS ONE” package, this will also include the ecoDMS API with full access.

Rest Web Services

The ecoDMS API enables access from third-party systems to basic features of the ecoDMS server, such as:

  • Archiving documents
  • Classifying documents
  • Downloading documents
  • ...

The individual features are called via the REST web services. Each feature has a unique address in form of a URL and can be used, for example, in internet browsers. 

General Information

  • Using the ecoDMS API is optional.
  • The interface is included in ecoDMS per default and is made available to developers.
  • The ecoDMS API enables users to connect the document management system with third-party systems and create custom function calls.
  • The ecoDMS API is not required for the general use of ecoDMS software.
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