ecoDMS (burns): Document management system
ecoWORKZ: Automating ecoDMS processes

The new ecoDMS has arrived. Read the ecoDMS software changelog here.
Important Upgrade Information
Please create a clean, full backup before each upgrade/update and read the new system requirements. You will find a detailed installation guide and manuals for ecoDMS on our website for free download. Please read the upgrade information for your operating system in the installation guide!

Important Note about PDF/A Printer Upgrade under Windows: If you have an earlier version of the PDF/A printer (including ecoDMS version 18.09), please note / execute the following:
1. Earlier ecoDMS printers must be uninstalled before an upgrade
2. Following uninstallation, check in the system control panel under printers and devices (der Win 10 Pfad lautet: System > Devices > Printers and Scanners; der alte Windows Pfad lautet Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Devices and Printers), that all ecoDMS printers have been removed. If not, please right-click a printer and select “Remove Device”.
3. Then you can install the PDF/A Printer of the new ecoDMS version.
Note: Once you have installed the new printer of the ecoDMS version, you can simply update new printer versions in the new ecoDMS version.

Information for All Users of ecoDMS Version 16.09 (eleanor)
Please note that the lifecycle for ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) has now expired and users are no longer entitled to support and software maintenance for this earlier version. Licenses for the ecoDMS predecessor version 16.09 (eleanor) naturally remain permanently valid and can also continue to be used with the corresponding ecoDMS software version!

Innovations in ecoDMS Client

  • Licensing: Under a new license model, you will regularly receive functional enhancements and updates free of charge from the date of purchase for the duration of the period you choose. With the adjustment of the license model, ecoDMS Client now displays new available software versions in the bottom right corner
  • New user interface:
    • Choice between a new, modern card view and the conventional table view.
    • The new card view shows all archived documents together with a thumbnail preview and the available document information. A document card has the following functions:
      • a thumbnail of the PDF document (preview),
      • the main classification information,
      • a history of all activities,
      • a compact selection of available functions associated with the document,
      • viewing, editing, and creating notes
      • and version control
  • Overhaul of the preview window in the classic user interface:
    • The following functions are available under the preview window: a history of all document-related activities, a selection of document-related options (functions), viewing, editing and creating notes, and version control
  • Overhaul and adaptation of the context menus and menus:
    • Moving, rearranging and consolidating various functions
  • Simplified the search functions and their layout:
    • Full-text search now includes content, metadata, classifications and notes
    • Recurring search queries can now be saved as favourites, plus: Overhaul and improvement of this filtering function with the introduction of personal and global favorites
  • New Activities overview: Logs each event with date, time and user name
  • Moving the "Data export" function to the "Plugins" menu
  • When the ecoMAILZ plugin is installed in ecoDMS, it is now displayed in a separate tab on the side (tab like Inbox)
  • Use the Clipboard tab to collect archived documents in a kind of virtual folder(tab like inbox)
  • The footer has been removed and its functions relocated
    • The recycle bin is now easily accessible in the toolbar
    • A maximum of 1000 documents are displayed by default
    • You can limit the date by using favorites and/or the advanced search
  • Extension of the scaninput Folder:
    • You can now use a set template and dynamic template recognition at the same time
    • Added more file formats to the scaninput folder (.jpg, .jpeg and .png)
  • New settings for user-friendly, easy-to-understand operation:
    • Change the background logo
    • Switch to classic mode has been removed from the Settings
    • The function "Only display personal documents” has been removed
    • You can search for user permissions
  • You can search for icon names before assigning icons for document types or folder tree
  • Group the Share function (link, external link, ...) in a common "Share" menu
  • Toolbar: Adapted and rearranged the toolbar icons

ecoDMS Bugfixes and Optimisations

  • Erasure run is completed successfully, even if at least 1 document could not be deleted
  • Archiving of large (ISO) files: Upload limit extended to 6 GB
  • Versioning during multiple classification is now possible, also via the ecoDMs LibreOffice Plugin
  • Sharing documents: The maximum download count is now applied
  • The scan input correctly applies TIFF files and converts them into a clean PDF
  • Data is exported even if a non-indexed document exists
  • Classification via API now sets an empty string in the database (previously: NULL)
  • Client now starts even if a "combobox" attribute is stored without values
  • TIFF files are now automatically rotated in the inbox when entering via scaninput
  • Documents can be moved to the virtual recycle bin even if the user does not have the system permission "Delete documents irrevocably". Moving documents removes them from the standard view and does not erase them
  • Documents are now added as email attachments if they are dragged and dropped into MS Outlook
  • PDF Editor: Correct display of annotations on a PDF
  • Drag & Drop function possible under macOS
  • The collation of attributes in the archive list has been corrected
  • Reading a date e.g: 01.01.20 has been corrected
  • Links within the settings dialogue can now be clicked
  • Simplification of the window positions in ecoDMS and in the Inbox

ecoWORKZ Bugfixes

If you are using ecoWORKZ, the following bug fixes are now available:
  • Chat: Now also shows missed calls from another chat participants
  • Chat: Snackbar texts are displayed in the correct language for chat participants with client versions in a different language
  • Chat: Now indicates that the the other chat participant is already in the conversation. The behaviour of multiple calls on several devices has also been adapted
  • Chat: The number of messages received is now synchronised in desktop and web client
  • Chat: When the chat partner ended the call (if the call hadn’t been accepted), the call icon no longer flashed
  • Chat: When a video chat is active, the camera icon now displays

New features and bug fixes in the ecoDMS API

Adaptation of calls and output for the following API calls

New features and bug fixes for the ecoDMS Web client

  • Compliance with the actual upload limit
  • Selection with arrow keys in status improved

Security Information

We value the security of your data and information. With each update we optimise our software. In doing so, we work according to the latest security standards. We therefore advise you to always install the latest version of all ecoDMS components.