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Build 21.06 is the first rolling release for ecoDMS. The update includes new features and improves the software’s performance and stability. Read the full changelog here.

ecoDMS Client

  • Versions: Bugfix for editing locked documents so that they cannot be saved as a new version by third parties
  • Zoom levels in the tile view:
    • The last selected zoom level is saved at the respective seat
    • New 4th zoom level: Displays, among other things, a particularly large document preview.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Classification with drag and drop
    • Click DocID for mass classification
    • Linked Documents in the Table view
    • Favourites: Select a saved favourite with the arrow keys
    • Extended search: Standard operator is now always set
    • Data export: The Advanced Search is now loaded correctly
  • Notes: Entering hyphens is now possible
  • Shortcut search: After copying the search term via shortcut search, the full-text search now starts automatically in ecoDMS
  • Offline client: Improved search feature
  • New area in the \"Documents\" settings:
    • Use the available classification attributes, date and version information to globally define document file names.
    • ecoDMS uses the settings you define here to generate the file name for exporting, downloading, or sending a document or a document version via e-mail.
  • New OCR options in the Settings dialogue under \"Settings - File Indexing\":
    • You can enable ecoDMS OCR (full-text indexing) as default for all new documents.
    • The ecoDMS OCR recognises different languages during indexing. Here you can select the supported languages (German (default), English (default), French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Italian)
  • Favourites: New date functions to enable simplified, date-based searches. There are now ready-made search options: yesterday, today, tomorrow, last week, this week, next week, last month, this month, next month, last quarter, this quarter, next quarter, last year, this year, next year. In addition, the \"free period search\" has been simplified
  • Active Directory and LDAP: You can now copy and subsequently edit filters

ecoDMS Server

  • Multithread indexing: By splitting the processes into several threads, you can fully utilise the performance offered by multiple or multi-threaded processors in ecoDMS
  • Transition to Java Version 11
  • Optimising and accelerating OCR: High-performance processing of huge amounts of data in the background and with full-text search
  • Optimising and accelerating the start-up of the web/mobile/API services
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Corrected the remote access ID for Restore operations
    • Corrected the remote access with special characters in the license holder name
    • Changed default destination directory for backup

ecoDMS Webclient

  • Filter: Date can now be linked with OR
  • Bugfix under Linux: Fixed internal error when selecting dates in attributes in the inbox and during the classification of already archived documents


  • Various bug fixes:
    • uploadFile(true): File not found
    • TLS change in the Settings dialogue no longer stops the API service
  • Version information can be queried (readDocumentVersions)
  • Mandatory fields and hidden classification attributes can now be returned (typeClassifications)
  • Search in folders can be narrowed down further (mainfolder, mainfolderonly, folder, folderonly)

ecoDMS Printer

  • Improved full-text recognition when printing pages from an internet browser

MS Office Plugin

  • Bugfix: Mass classification of emails


  • ecoDMS demo version now includes ecoWORKZ (software for creating smart workflows plus chat function in ecoDMS).
  • Adjustment of the processing of email attachments with the characters \"/ \\\" in the filename.
  • Various bug fixes:
    • Fixed \"Internal Error\" when the email box was not actively selected
    • Processes were not triggered when empty combo boxes were created in ecoDMS
    • Fixed \"Internal Error\" for empty folder names and folder names with \"###\" in ecoDMS
  • Improvements:
    • The title of a process can now be seen in the card
    • Adaptation of the login behaviour on English operating systems
    • Adaptation of mail servers that cannot move via MOVE
    • When deleting an acknowledgement or approval, the status is reset to the previous one only for active processes (status ecoWORKZ)


  • Silent install: Unattended installation of client + printer under Windows

Security Information

We value the security of your data and information. With each update we optimise our software. In doing so, we work according to the latest security standards. We therefore advise you to always install the latest version of all ecoDMS components.
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