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Web Client

Use the web client to access ecoDMS through an internet browser from your computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet from any platform and wherever you are. Your responsible ecoDMS administrator can enable the web functions in the ecoDMS Settings. You can access the web client from an internal network and through remote access.

Feature Overview

The web client has a variety of ecoDMS functions you can use from your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet, for example:

  • Archiving documents
  • Preview pane
  • Downloading documents
  • Classifying and assigning permissions to documents
  • Creating, editing and deleting notes
  • Adding and downloading versions
  • Search functions, filters and favorites
  • Inbox: Retrieve scanned documents
  • Inbox: Upload documents
  • Inbox: Classifying and archiving documents
  • Trash: Moving and restoring documents

Digitalizing and Archiving in the Home Office in a Flash

Modern software technology (client-server system) enables secure, fast and simple integration of ecoDMS within the home office. With just a few mouse-clicks you can start using ecoDMS in your home office via remote access to the document management system.
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