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Data Backup and Recovery

ecoDMS includes various functions for backing up and restoring documents and settings. You can backup your data manually or the system can create a backup fully automatically. Depending on the operating system and your own needs, you can choose from individual backup functions in ecoDMS.

  • Create a backup with a few clicks in the Settings dialogue
  • Backup and restore with the oneClick Backup software from ecoDMS
  • Console programmes for Windows and Linux

Automatic backup

In the Settings dialogue you can configure automated, time-controlled backups. ecoDMS then performs the backup automatically at the specified time. Data backups can be configured as required. For example, you can make a full backup of the entire database and the containers. Alternatively, you can also make an incremental data backup. In this case ecoDMS Archive will complete the existing backup with the latest changes in the selected rhythm.

oneClick backup (software)

The "ecoDMS oneClick Backup" software is an integral part of ecoDMS Server. With a mouse-click you can manually initiate a full backup of the entire database and container.

In this case, the entire ecoDMS database, including all documents, structures, settings, users and attributes etc. are saved in a ZIP file.

The generated backup file (.zip) can be used to restore data if necessary. You can also restore with ecoDMS oneClick Backup.

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