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Associating and assigning permissions to documents

Use classification to specify the virtual target folder in ecoDMS, the document type, status, responsibilities and much more archiving information for each file. By assigning these details, the documents can be stored systematically with many details, which ensures they can be located without necessarily requiring a full-text search.

To ensure that the documents can only be viewed and edited by authorised persons, ecoDMS allows the assignment of separate access permissions for each document and each existing folder. This protects document privacy. Document permissions are assigned in the classification dialogue.

Classification made easy

ecoDMS offers different classification methods:

  • Classifying documents individually via the Classification dialogue
  • A mass classification classifies several emails simultaneously with the same information.
  • Multiple classification allows a document to be classified several times (internal linking) without repeatedly saving it to the archive. This allows you to save different classifications for one document. The document is saved once in the database, but it can be assigned any number of classifications in the user interface.

Automatic classification

Customised classification templates allow automatic document recognition, assignment and (refer to template designer) archiving. If a document is recognised, ecoDMS automatically populates the classification information.

Document preview in the classification dialogue

When archiving via the Office plugins or the PDF/A printer and when generally saving PDF files, a preview of the document is also displayed inside the classification dialogue box. From this preview window it is possible to use text passages and date fields for the classification.

Information: This function requires a license for the full version of ecoDMS but can also be tested in the trial version. This function is not enabled in the Free4Three version.

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