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Perfect software for all companies and private individuals

Whether you need an invoice, a payslip, a receipt, photos or the necessary tax documents: with ecoDMS you can archive, manage and find everything at the click of a button.

The document management system is ideal for any business size and industry and can even be used in private households.

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The following industries are already using ecoDMS:

Time and again, documents for customers and internal communication need to be filed, searched, edited and shared.

With ecoDMS, digital storage and management of all files is child's play. The software offers space and possibilities for a wide variety of files and document processes.

Depending on the industry and purpose, ecoDMS can be individually configured and used. This is an extract from the potential fields of application for ecoDMS.


e.g. for saving

  • photos relevant to insurance claims
  • documentation
  • client files
  • insurance records, etc.

Schools and Universities

e.g. for the filing and management of

  • exams
  • diplomas and certificates
  • essays
  • documentation, and much more.

Craftspeople and Workshops

e.g. for quick access to

  • orders
  • and file attachments
  • to process them according to priority and status
  • and for filing invoices, and much more.

Agriculture, Farming and Forestry

e.g. for filing and managing

  • site plans
  • funding applications
  • certificates
  • insurance policies, and much more.

Logistics and Shipping Companies

e.g. for allocating and processing

  • freight documents
  • warehouse receipts
  • packing lists
  • driver schedules, and much more.

Doctors, Hospitals and Pharmacists

e.g. for archiving

  • patient files
  • sonography or X-ray images
  • prescriptions
  • details of chemical compositions, and much more.

Consumer Goods and Trade

e.g. for filing and managing

  • warehouse stocks
  • purchase orders
  • billing
  • pay slips, and much more.

Textile, Fashion & Luxury Goods Companies

e.g. for filing and sharing

  • stock
  • cost of materials
  • design patterns
  • fashion magazines, and much more.

Market Research, Media, Marketing

e.g. for saving, sharing and managing

  • tracking studies and target group analyses
  • marketing campaigns
  • photos
  • videos, and much more.

Hotel Industry, Catering, Tourism and Gastronomy

e.g. for filing and accessing

  • guest lists
  • reservations
  • delivery notes
  • receipts for entertainment expenses, and much more.

Bakery and Meat Industry

e.g. for creating and filing

  • revision versions for quality assurance and quality management to ensure high food quality and safety

Law, Taxation, Businesses

e.g. for archiving

  • documents relevant to accounting
  • digital file and process structures
  • tax assessment notices
  • data from ECM systems, and much more.

Real Estate and Property Management

e.g. for archiving and managing

  • purchase or rental agreements
  • building plans
  • energy certificates
  • object documents, and much more.

Art and Culture

e.g. for filing and managing

  • event plans
  • schedules
  • contracts
  • images and videos, and much more.

Banks, Finance Companies and Collection Agencies

e.g. for filing and managing

  • acquisition talks
  • consultation minutes
  • service requests
  • customer meetings

Folder Trees and Sample Settings as Predefined Settings for Quick Start

For the perfect start to document management, we offer free predefined settings with sample settings and folder trees for the ecoDMS database in the form of backup files for private individuals and corporate customers on our website.

The predefined settings include

  • a small folder tree
  • selected document types
  • and appropriate classification attributes

The predefined settings can be easily imported via the ecoDMS OneClick backup. (Note: The backup overwrites all existing ecoDMS data and settings. Therefore, only load the settings into an empty ecoDMS)

When installing ecoDMS under Windows for the first time, the predefined setting is offered for selection during the installation of ecoDMS Server.

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Our Portfolio for Corporate Clients and Private Individuals

ecoDMS users leverage our document management system to find solutions to their company's challenges. ecoDMS supports simple and lean processes and makes work much easier through ergonomics and user-friendliness.
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