Getting started with ecoDMS (burns)

This page contains a short introduction to working with ecoDMS.

  • ecoDMS is an easy-to-use, comprehensive tool for digitising, archiving, sharing, managing and finding all documents on your PC, smart phone and tablet.
  • ecoDMS saves a lot of time and money in day-to-day document storage, information retrieval and file processing.
  • The software offers a large range of features like automatic archiving and backup, filter and search functions (incl. full-text search), emailing, version management, notes, and much more.
  • The lifetime license fee guarantee offers a consistent and very fair license fee.
User-friendly software for archiving, managing, and finding all documents and information on your PC or from your smart phone and tablet.
  • Central archiving of all
    documents, emails, files, and data
  • Quick retrieval with full-text search
  • Legally compliant (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Desktop and web client
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Windows, Linux, NAS, MacOS
just 100.00 EUR net (Business Edition)
  • one-time purchasing price for 1 concurrent connection
  • any concurrent connections (Business Edition)
  • incl. 24-month update period


  • ecoDMS consists of several different components. The basic system elements are ecoDMS Server, ecoDMS Client including Inbox and Connection Manager, and the virtual PDF/A Printer. Plugins for Office and email applications are available for download. A web client is also part of the ecoDMS software.
  • The "ecoDMS Server" software forms the base for the entire system. The postgreSQL database and containers for storing all data and information are also part of the server installation. The services available for the ecoDMS API REST service and web service (web client) are also included in the server. The server is not a piece of hardware, but a software component.
    • ecoDMS Server is installed once on a central computer or laptop, server hardware or NAS.
    • You can install ecoDMS and plugins on any number of supported devices.
    • ecoDMS can be installed as a single seat solution (all ecoDMS components are installed on one hardware) and as a network solution.
When first installing ecoDMS under Windows, business customers and private individuals can automatically install default settings and use the software immediately. The default configuration contains example settings. Of course, these settings can be modified and/or executed manually. The default configuration does not include any documents. The configuration does contain a first selection of available document types and classification attributes.If you import a predefined setting, all settings and data previously in ecoDMS are lost. Only use predefined settings if your ecoDMS is still pristine or you no longer need the settings and data you created.


  • In order to use the system, login with your user credentials.
  • On the client, login through the Connection Manager.
    • The Connection Manager is installed automatically with ecoDMS Client. The Connection Manager establishes the connection between the Desktop Clients and Plugins and ecoDMS Server.
  • To use the Web Client, you do not need to be connected through the Connection Manager.
    • The web service must be started through the settings dialogue in ecoDMS.
Use the default user of ecoDMS when you first log in to the system (desktop and web client). The default user is automatically created with the first installation of the ecoDMS environment. The default user has all necessary system permissions to use and set up the system. The login credentials for the default user (if the password has not been changed) are:
  • User: ecodms
  • Password: ecodms
Change your password as soon as possible for security reasons. For more information and default users, refer to the chapter "Access Data" in the ecoDMS manual.

Configuration and Settings

You can setup ecoDMS according to your requirements.
  • If several users are working with the system, you assign an account for each user with the respective permissions in the User and Group Management dialogue.
  • Via the settings dialogue, you as an administrator can set the necessary folder structures, document types and much more.
Please note the following when setting up ecoDMS:
  • When using an archiving software, the familiar folder structure changes. Often customer folders, for example, are created in the file system with the associated sub folders invoices, offers, contracts, etc. The previous subfolders are now saved in ecoDMS as document types.
  • During classification the folder and the document type are entered together with other archiving information. This immensely simplifies the document search and allows the documents to be displayed and filtered more precisely and clearly.
  • The classification information and the recognised full text information enable a user-friendly and quick document search. We therefore recommend you create a flat and simple structure.

Working with ecoDMS: Scan and Archive Documents

After you have set up ecoDMS, you can start archiving your documents. ecoDMS offers several options for saving documents.

Archiving, for example, via

  • ecoDMS Client (Drag & Drop, archiving function...)
  • Web Client (for PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone)
  • Scanning (inbox, scaninput)
  • Side Panel
  • PDF/A Printer
  • Office Plugin
  • Email Plugin
Scan Process
To archive your paper documents, you need a scanner and the ecoDMS inbox.
  1. Configure your scanner. We recommend you use the scaninput folder on ecoDMS Server. Alternatively, you can also scan your documents via the TWAIN/WIA/SANE interface. The device must have PDF and/or TIFF as scan formats. It is best to scan in the documents in black and white (black-white= 1-bit colour depth) or in shades of grey with 200-300 DPI.
  2. In order to scan a whole document batch, we recommend you use ecoDMS separator pages. Place such a separator page behind each document before you scan it. ecoDMS then automatically separates the documents into individual files. You can download free separator pages in the download area at
  3. If after scanning the dark process (automatic classification and archiving) is not enabled, all scanned documents are retrieved one after the other via the ecoDMS inbox and prepared for archiving. As soon as the files have been classified and archived, authorised users can access them in ecoDMS.
  4. Via the classification you can assign the virtual folder in ecoDMS, the document type, the status, the permissions and meta data for each document. You can use this information and the full-text search to retrieve documents and save them together with further details. The classification can be done either manually by the user or automatically through classification templates.
  5. Now you can archive the file. All archived text documents automatically undergo background full-text indexing and are available in ecoDMS in the original scan format and also in the long-term archiving format PDF/A.
Archive & Classify Digital Files
  • You can save virtually any file format in ecoDMS. You can drag and drop documents, which are already saved on your computer, into the archive.
  • ecoDMS carries out full-text recognition automatically in the background for readable files.
  • Depending on the document, you can classify either manually or automatically with the template designer. As an option, you can also work with mass classification. This allows you to classify any number of documents simultaneously with the same information.
  • With the right classification attributes, you can assign the document type, the customer folder, the date, the responsibilities and much more information to the document, all of which can be edited at any time. Apart from the full-text search, you can use these attributes to create exact filters to search for documents and to access the required data and information quickly.
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