With ecoDMS you acquire a central archive for all your documents. You can archive virtually all file formats. They can be saved to the archive from any device or programme. To do so, the software offers a comprehensive portfolio of archiving functions.

Numerous Archiving Functions

Incoming e-mail processing of scanned documents, convenient storage of all digital files using drag & drop, various plugins for Office and email programmes. ecoDMS leaves nothing to be desired.

Archiving Any File Formats

ecoDMS allows you to archive any files and documents, for example, PDFs, emails, Office files, images, music, agreements, invoices, bank statements, delivery notes, TXT files, drawings, and more.

Flexibility Through Central Data Storage

With ecoDMS Archive you save time and money because you can quickly retrieve all documents from a central archive. Central archiving of all your information from any location offers you and other authorised users access from wherever you are. The intuitive user interface for desktop, web browser, smart phone and tablet make it easy for you to scan, archive and manage all your documents from a central system. With ecoDMS all your documents are in one storage location.

Electronic Archiving in a Database and Containers

ecoDMS is audit-proof and saves all your data and information in a postgreSQL database as well as in containers. This state-of-the-art storage system opens entirely new possibilities in electronic archiving and offers you security when storing, backing up and restoring your data.

Industry Solutions

The ecoDMS archive is suitable for any company size and for all industries and can even be used in private households.