ecodms archiv 1609 eleanorHere you can read the development process (changelog) of ecoDMS Version 16.09 (eleanor).

    Tuesday, 04-12-2018 (10:15:35 | Europe/Berlin)

    Korrektur des MS Office Plugins für ecoDMS Version 16.09 wegen fehlerhafter Anzeige des Plugins (Redemption)

    Thursday, 23-08-2018 (11:35:39 | Europe/Berlin)

    Das Thunderbird Addon 2.0.8 ist auch kompatibel mit Thunderbird Version >=60 (64 bit)

    Tuesday, 21-08-2018 (13:09:10 | Europe/Berlin)

    Das Thunderbird Addon 2.0.7 ist kompatibel mit Thunderbird Version >=60.

    Wednesday, 27-06-2018 (14:41:35 | Europe/Berlin)

    ecoDMS is now also available for Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. You can find the necessary apt source in the installation manual.

    Monday, 16-04-2018 (10:48:40 | Europe/Berlin)

    Das MS Office Plugin wurde optimiert. Anpassung des Verhaltens bei Office 64bit Es hat außerdem kleinere, technische Anpassungen gegeben, die die Lauffähigkeit der ecoDMS-Komponente entsprechend verbessern.

    Wednesday, 11-04-2018 (13:05:49 | Europe/Berlin)

    On the server side there is a release update for ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor), which contains a modification for searching Office files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx). Earlier issue: The above-mentioned archived files (through Office plugin or email addon) may not be included in the search. Solution: Solution: The update 16.09-3-1 (server only) corrects this behaviour and re-indexes already archived...

    Tuesday, 20-03-2018 (12:17:17 | Europe/Berlin)

    Korrektur des Verhaltens bei "Senden und Archivieren"

    Thursday, 04-01-2018 (09:01:04 | Europe/Berlin)

    Bugfix für das MS Office Plugin vom ecoDMS Archiv: Kompatibilitätsanpassung für 64-bit Office-Installationen (das Plugin wurde bei manchen Installationen dieser Art nicht geladen)

    Wednesday, 03-01-2018 (12:56:52 | Europe/Berlin)

    Bugfix für Windows ecoDMS Client: Anhänge von E-Mail-Dateien werden jetzt geöffnet

    Tuesday, 05-12-2017 (12:03:00 | Europe/Berlin)

    ecoDMS Server Anpassung beim Datenexport API: Korrektur beim Upload von Dateien per API (CSFR Token) Optimierung des Arbeitsspeicherbedarfs bei der Archivierung großer Dateien Backup-Pfad kann nun auch Umlaute enthalten ecoDMS Client Optimierung bei Mehrfachklassifizierungen und Pflichtfeldern Anpassung der Funktion "Link via E-Mail versenden" Optimierung beim Trennen per Barcode (Code-39) Anpassung...

    Tuesday, 21-03-2017 (12:05:43 | Europe/Berlin)

    Some technical optimizations of the ecoDMS user interface under MacOS

    Tuesday, 07-03-2017 (14:11:19 | Europe/Berlin)

    ecoDMS Client: Correction for scanning large documents via TWAIN (Inbox)

    Monday, 20-02-2017 (10:52:15 | Europe/Berlin)

    Für das OpenOffice und LibreOffice Addon von ecoDMS ist das Update 1.0.4 mit folgender Anpassung verfügbar: Anpassung des Verhaltens bei LibreOffice (64bit Version)

    Friday, 03-02-2017 (15:53:30 | Europe/Berlin)

    Für den ecoDMS Server gibt es ein Update 16.09-2-0-2. Folgende Korrekturen (Bug Fixes) sind enthalten: Korrektur bei der Indizierung von Dokumenten

    Wednesday, 01-02-2017 (12:58:08 | Europe/Berlin)

    For ecoDMS Server the update 16.09-2-0-1 is available now. It contains the following bug fixes: Full-text indexing of encrypted PDFs (OpenJDK - trusty, xenial, jessie) Full-text indexing of Visio files (all operating systems)

    Monday, 30-01-2017 (16:20:00 | Europe/Berlin)

    We have released update 16.09-2-0 (eleanor) for the digital ecoDMS Archive for server and clients. The release comprises bug fixes, optimisations, modifications and minor new features. The release update is available for all operating systems supported by ecoDMS.hen you make an update, you must update both ecoDMS Server and ecoDMS Client, respectively. Always create a backup before updating. ecoDMS...

    Wednesday, 09-11-2016 (16:40:50 | Europe/Berlin)

    ecoDMS Version 16.09 (eleanor) - ecoDMS Server 16.09-1-3 (Raspberry Pi): The current "openjdk" packages compromise the performance of ecoDMS. To run ecoDMS Server on a supported Raspberry Pi under Raspbian Jessie, Oracle Java8 must be installed. Please refer to the new installation manual for the necessary installation steps. You can download the current ecoDMS manuals for free at the following...

    Friday, 04-11-2016 (09:58:00 | Europe/Berlin)

    ecoDMS Server has had an important update: Version 16.09-1-2 of the ecoDMS Server component is compatible with Java8 = u111 under Debian Jessie, Ubuntu Trusty and Ubuntu Xenial.If you are running ecoDMS Server under one of this linux distributions and are using the latest Java version, we recommend you install the latest ecoDMS update. The update is supplied through the package management....

    Tuesday, 25-10-2016 (11:19:43 | Europe/Berlin)

    The ecoDMS update includes the following adaptations and optimisations: ecoDMS Server Bugfix: Classification attributes can now be searched in versioned, non-sealed documents

    Friday, 21-10-2016 (15:22:00 | Europe/Berlin)

    The ecoDMS update includes the following adaptations and optimisations: ecoDMS Client If a document is rotated before it is archived, ecoDMS highlights the retrieved search terms at the correct position in the preview. By clicking "Reset Desktop", the ecoDMS client is reset correctly to the standard view. The system full-text indexes readable email attachments that are archived with the ecoDMS...

    Wednesday, 05-10-2016 (17:15:05 | Europe/Berlin)

    The update includes the following optimizations for the ecoDMS client: Assignment of a date via the keyboard is transferred correctly The behavior of the shortcut function with the client was adjusted Correction of the "DocID column Adaptation of the client to hardware-accelerated systems (OpenGL): Please check the faq entry Replacement of old icons Freezing of classification dialogue in the...

    Thursday, 29-09-2016 (18:08:29 | Europe/Berlin)

    Inbox: Behavior of the classification window adjusted Optimization of the migration process Scheduled Backup: Name of file extension .part until the backup is completed

    Tuesday, 27-09-2016 (19:42:06 | Europe/Berlin)

    Notes: White Icons are displayed when activating "old style" Preview: Result list for fulltext search optimized Optimized component installation

    Tuesday, 27-09-2016 (13:40:00 | Europe/Berlin)

    Correction Linking: Assignment of desired DocID in ecoDMS Client ecoDMS Client, ecoDMS PDF/A Printer, ecoDMS Server: Visual Studio Redistributables 2012 added Installer: The system uses ports that are changed during the installation ecoDMS Server: Port from the Connection Manager will automatically be entered in the firewall

    Wednesday, 24-08-2016 (14:30:31 | Europe/Berlin)

    With version 16.09 (eleanor) ecoDMS will start a new generation of document archiving. The following new features are included in ecoDMS Version 16.09 (eleanor): Container storage system: Saving all archived data in a container opens up new possibilities for archiving, data backup and restoring data. Spreading information across containers and a database offers more security and flexibility when...

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