ecoDMS Version 16.09 (eleanor)

With version 16.09 (eleanor) ecoDMS will start a new generation of document archiving. The following new features are included in ecoDMS Version 16.09 (eleanor):
  • Container storage system:
    • Saving all archived data in a container opens up new possibilities for archiving, data backup and restoring data.
    • Spreading information across containers and a database offers more security and flexibility when managing data.
  • Material Design:
    • Fresh colours, new icons and a flat, modern "material design" give the archiving system a new radiance.
    • The colors of ecoDMS client can be changed individually.
    • If needed, the "Modern Theme" can be disabled.
  • Merging ecoDMS & ecoICE
  • Inbox:
    • Immediately after the scanning process, you can retrieve the documents on the Inbox tab in the ecoDMS Archive client. On the tab there are several functions available to process your documents, for example, rotate, delete, move.
    • The functions "copy, paste, export" are also available for PDF files now
    • Für die Aufteilung mehrerer Dokumente in einzelne Dateien können individuelle Barcodes verwendet werden. Diese können mit einer beliebigen Anwendung erstellt werden.
    • You can enter "Regular Expressions" for Barcodes.
  • Linking:
    • When linking documents, any archived files, including their classifications, can be added to a document and combined to form one process.
    • The links are displayed in the ecoDMS Archive table as expandable sub-entries of the main document.
  • Clipboard:
    • The clipboard can be used to add various documents from ecoDMS Archive to a user-defined document collection ("portfolio").
    • A "portfolio" can contain several tabs with different document collections.
    • The clipboard arranges the added documents clearly in cards. Each card contains the filename, the status and the classification of the comment field.
    • For PDF files there is also a document preview (Demo + full version).
  • Shortcut Search:
    • With a user-defined keyboard shortcut, users can start the ecoDMS full-text search from any application. (Demo + Vollversion)
    • Users only need to select the required search term in a software programme (e.g. web browser, email client, Office files, etc.) and then enter a specified shortcut.
    • The shortcut can be created individually for each profile in the Connection Manager.
  • Side Panel:
    • Drag your documents directly to the ecoDMS Side Panel. ecoDMS template designer then executes classification and archiving.
    • The Side Panel can be placed in the right corner of the screen.
    • You can drag and drop files into the panel.
    • Depending on the selection, ecoDMS Archive executes automatic pre-classification and archiving. (Demo + full version)
  • Preview:
    • If a document preview exists for a retrieved file, the recognised words are highlighted in colour in the preview window (Demo + full version).
    • If a keyword occurs several times within a document, ecoDMS Archive also gives an overview of all occurrences of the keyword in the preview window. (Demo + full version)
    • You can open the displayed documents in full screen mode.
  • Time-controlled backup:
    • In the Settings dialogue box, you can configure automated, time-controlled backups
    • ecoDMS then performs the backup automatically at the specified time.
    • Data backups can be configured as required. For example, you can make a full backup of the entire database and the containers. Alternatively, you can also make an incremental data backup. In this case ecoDMS Archive will complete the existing backup with the latest changes in the selected rhythm.
    • Server-side e-mails: ecoDMS can send server-side e-mails
    • Send backup log after processing backup via settings dialogue box.
  • Extended fulltext search incl. notes
    • The notes may be included in the full-text search.
  • Email attachments
    • Email attachments can in be full-text indexed and stored together with the email.
    • You can archive email attachments via drag and drop from Outlook & Thunderbird.
  • Drag & Drop Archiving:
    • Documents can be dragged and dropped from the file system directly to a folder in ecoDMS archive.
    • The selected folder will then be used for classification.
  • Template Designer:
    • You can assign "Regular Expressions" in the template designer for keywords and form templates.
  • Resubmission
    • ecoDMS reminds you shortly ahead of time about the document. ecoDMS displayed in the table at the DocID a a resubmission Icon. There are 3 steps (green, orange, red).


We value the security of your data and information. With each update we optimise our software. We also take into account the latest security standards. We therefore recommend you always install the latest version of all ecoDMS components. You must backup your system before each update and follow the installation steps from the installation manual.

Security Information

We value the security of your data and information. With each update we optimise our software. In doing so, we work according to the latest security standards. We therefore advise you to always install the latest version of all ecoDMS components.