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The ecoDMS update includes the following adaptations and optimisations:

ecoDMS Client

  • If a document is rotated before it is archived, ecoDMS highlights the retrieved search terms at the correct position in the preview.
  • By clicking "Reset Desktop", the ecoDMS client is reset correctly to the standard view.
  • The system full-text indexes readable email attachments that are archived with the ecoDMS plugin / add-on.
  • Improvements have been made to the user interface.

ecoDMS Offline Client

  • Document types, folders and status are correctly displayed in the offline client.

ecoDMS PDF/A Printer

  • Correction of the installation on 32-bit systems ("invalid arguments")

ecoDMS Server

  • Optimised the behaviour for time-controlled backup
  • Optimised the search behaviour
  • Optimised the indexing process

Plugins & Addons

  • Optimised the MS Office plugins for use with ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor)
  • Optimised the Thunderbird addons for use with ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor)
  • Optimised the LibreOffice/OpenOffice addons for use with ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor)

Released ecoDMS packages for

  • 64bit / Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
  • 64bit / Ubuntu 16.04 LTS
  • 64bit / Debian Jessie
The ecoDMS packages for Linux distributions are available only for 64-bit systems.

Security Information

We value the security of your data and information. With each update we optimise our software. In doing so, we work according to the latest security standards. We therefore advise you to always install the latest version of all ecoDMS components.