ecoDMS Version 18.09 (apu)

ecoDMS version 18.09 (apu) is a new Major release of the ecoDMS document management system.
To activate the full version, you require a license for version 18.09 (apu). Licenses from other ecoDMS versions (e.g. 16.09) cannot be used for activation.
If installed for the first time, ecoDMS is available as a trial version for a period of 30 days. Following the evaluation period, the Free4Three edition with limited functionality is automatically activated. This may be used for private purposes only.

Version 18.09 (apu) has added the following innovations, optimisations and changes since the previous version 16.09 (eleanor):


  • The installers for ecoDMS 18.09 were completely renewed.
  • OCR update: Tesseract 4

ecoDMS Client

  • PDF Editor (annotations)
    • The PDF editor can be used to add comments and images to archived PDF files (among which are also documents that were converted to PDF format because they were, for example, archived via an Office plugin or were converted to PDF format by the system) that are released for further processing (versionable). A PDF file is edited in the preview window.
  • Classification Templates (template designer)
    • There is a dedicated permission to create and manage templates (ecoSIMSTEMPLATES)
    • Template management can be opened directly with an icon in ecoDMS Client.
    • Keywords can be copied and transferred from the document preview in the template designer.
    • If the source document for a template has changed, it can be replaced in the template designer.
    • The folder can be automatically assigned based on the flagged position.
    • For documents with a different number of pages, the target page can be specified (Example: The invoice total is always on the last page).
    • A date format can be defined for date fields.
    • Existing classification templates can be copied.
  • Inbox (scanned documents)
    • There are new settings for the scaninput folder:
    • Finalise Document: Saving scanned documents as "Not Finalised" (versionable) in ecoDMS (version management)
    • Use this Template: A dedicated classification template can be chosen to assign the same classification to all documents that are archived via a scaninput folder.
    • The new "Overview" window offers a complete overview of all documents that are available to the user in the inbox. Scanned documents are displayed here in a list preview.
    • The "F4" keyboard shortcut executes the "Search matching classification template" function.
    • Incoming TIFF documents are automatically converted to PDF format.
    • ecoDMS indicates if a document is locked by another user.
  • Search Functions
    • Enhanced time bar with filter options by day, month and year.
    • The "Resubmission" status has substatuses in the front end. These are permanent integrated filters. "Expired" and "Next 7 Days"
    • There is a new "User Permissions" search criterion. It searches for results that have the selected permission in the classification.
  • Settings
    • Integrated icon collection, which can be used to setup the classification attributes. This allows the visual differentiation between document types, folders and statuses.
  • Version management, MS Office plugin, OpenOffice/LibreOffice addon
    • Now, versions can only be created and managed by users with a permission to classify them.
    • Original files and any available PDF/A files are stored in version control.
    • Notes and comments can be added to versions: This is available in version management and in the classification dialogue box when archiving through the two Office plugins.
    • Versions can be exported.
    • Versions can be sent directly from version management.
  • Erasure functions
    • Legally compliant erasure and anonymisation of users
      • Transfer of document and folder permissions to another user
      • The erased user is then removed from all system processes. This includes name entries (user name) in the history and classification.
    • Multi-step data erasure policy for the final removal from the archived documents
      • Optimised retention periods including the option to enable a confirmation prompt before erasure.
      • User permission to finally erase documents
      • With the irrevocable erasure of a file, all text information in the document history and classification is anonymised.
      • Access to the erasure log and the "classification remainders" is exclusively reserved for users with the system permission "The user may view all documents regardless of their classification".

Web Client

  • The web client has been fully revised.
  • The web client offers access to the archive from any platform, such as from a PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet, and any location through an internet browser.
  • The web interface automatically adapts to the browser size of the device.
  • The web client replaces the current mobile apps.
  • Remote access can be enabled for web services in the Settings dialogue box
    • allows access to the archive via external networks (e.g. mobile network)
  • The web client has numerous functions from the desktop version:
    • New Login window.
    • Archiving documents via upload (drag & drop and opening the function with an icon)
    • Classification with document preview
    • Dedicated area for assigning permissions
    • Search Functions:
      • Full-text search
      • Extended search
      • Filter templates
      • Browse folder structure
    • Inbox:
      • Receive scanned documents (scaninput)
      • Manual upload of PDF files
      • Classification
      • Assigning permissions
      • Archiving
    • Downloading documents
    • Version management
      • Display available versions
    • Notes
    • Document preview
    • Simple Delete Function:
      • Move documents to trash
      • View trash
      • Restore documents from trash

Security Information

We value the security of your data and information. With each update we optimise our software. In doing so, we work according to the latest security standards. We therefore advise you to always install the latest version of all ecoDMS components.