Document Management System (For Business and Private Customers)

ecoDMS Archive includes many features for little money. Full functional scope and easy operation are key features of the software. The following table lists the features and supported operating systems and includes a comparison between the Free4Three, trial and full editions:

Table of Features keyboard_arrow_right
NEW in 18.09
The Web Client offers access to the archive from any platform, such as from a PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet, and any location through an internet browser.
NEW in 18.09
The internal PDF editor allows users to add comments and images, such as stamps, to archived PDF files and save them as a new version.
NEW in 18.09
Customised classification templates enable automatic recognition, assignment and archiving of documents.
NEW in 18.09
The procedure for removing documents and personal data from the archive is legally certain in accordance with the generally accepted principles of computerised accounting systems in Germany (GoBD) and the GDPR.
NEW in 18.09
The archiving system can be individually adapted to a company's structures and processes in the Settings dialogue box.
NEW in 18.09
Version control allows you to archive any number of document versions in ecoDMS.
NEW in 18.09
Searching for documents with ecoDMS Archive is as easy as googling:
NEW in 18.09
As an option, documents can be shared with externals.
NEW in 18.09
Scan your inbox and securely archive it in digital form in ecoDMS Archive.
NEW in 18.09
Professional user and group management allows secure access to the system, its features and the archived files.
As on option the users can also be connected from Active Directory and LDAP with ecoDMS.
NEW in 18.09
The resubmission status allows users to defer documents until a specified date, at which the system highlights the documents for processing.
ecoDMS performs automatic full-text indexing (OCR) on archived documents.
The ecoDMS API Rest Service allows users to connect any third-party system.
Saving all archived data in a container opens up new possibilities for archiving, data backup and restoring data.
The connection manager establishes the connection with the ecoDMS server to allow working with multiple clients.
With ecoDMS Archive you can archive and quickly retrieve your emails and their attachments with a mouse-click directly from your email client.
Documents that have been archived can be sent quickly and easily via email from ecoDMS.
The ecoDMS Office plugins allow direct archiving from the popular Office applications.
With the PDF/A printer from ecoDMS, files can be archived directly from external applications.
With the modern backup functions of the archiving solution, you can automatically secure your data and restore it if necessary.
ecoDMS records any change to the classification attributes of a document in a history.
Archived documents that belong to the same document process can be linked directly with each other in the ecoDMS Archive table.
The clipboard can be used to add various documents from ecoDMS Archive to a user-defined document collection ("portfolio").
Selected files can be exported from ecoDMS Archive and saved to an external data carrier.
For best possible assignment, each file can be given matching classification attributes.
Drag your documents directly to the ecoDMS Side Panel. ecoDMS template designer then executes classification and archiving.
With a user-defined keyboard shortcut, users can start the ecoDMS full-text search from any application.
For a quick document preview ecoDMS Archive has a flexible preview window for PDF files.
Use the Notes Window to append notes to a document.
The link function makes it possible to send and copy document and folder links.
Unopened files can be specially highlighted in ecoDMS.