ecoDMS: Document Management System

State-of-the-art software for digitisation • archiving • management • automation

Users and Groups

Professional user and group management allows secure access to ecoDMS, its features and the archived files.

ecoDMS allows the creation of any number of users. Users can be grouped, and one user may belong to several user groups. This allows the representation of company departments, such as accounting, management, sales, office management, sales force, etc.

Enabling functions for users

The ecoDMS administrator can specify which functions in ecoDMS should be available for individual users. The following system authorisation can be assigned: 

The user may...

  • administer the system
  • archive and classify documents
  • use version control.
  • use the inbox
  • view document activities
  • create new folders
  • view all documents regardless of their permissions
  • use the web client
  • use template management
  • erase documents

Folder and Document Permissions

To ensure that the archived documents can only be viewed and edited by authorised persons, ecoDMS enables the assignment of access permissions for each document and each created folder. This protects document privacy.

LDAP / Active Directory

As an option, users can also be linked to ecoDMS from Active Directory and LDAP within the ecoDMS full version.

The combination of Active Directory, LDAP and ecoDMS allows convenient and consistent management of ecoDMS and LDAP users.

The system permissions for users required for ecoDMS can be managed centrally via the LDAP menu. With the LDAP/AD menu you can filter by members/users of an AD/LDAP group and assign the same permissions to them.