ecoDMS: Document Management System

State-of-the-art software for digitisation • archiving • management • automation


ecoDMS can be adapted to a company's structures and processes in the Settings dialogue. Be it a private user, a small, medium-sized or large company: ecoDMS can be specifically configured to suit the needs of all. The integrated Settings dialogue allows custom configuration.

Individual configuration options

  • Create your own document types with individual retention periods and icons and specify the associated classification attributes
  • Create your own classification attributes, such as more input boxes, list boxes or check boxes
  • Map the folder tree and assign separate folder permissions for each main folder and subfolder so that only authorised users can access the folder and its contents
  • As an option, create customised document statuses that you can use for assigning documents
  • Customise system settings: Specify the appearance and the colour of the client, enable reminder functions and much more.
  • Take a look at the progress of full-text indexing (OCR). ecoDMS displays the number of documents that have already undergone full-text indexing.
  • Administrators can select the required languages for full-text recognition: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Italian
  • If required, enable ecoDMS OCR as default for all new documents.
  • In the full version of ecoDMS, set up one or more scaninput folders for your scanned documents by specifying access permissions, classification templates and other configurations.
  • Activate your ecoDMS license and then retrieve your license information
  • Configure the backup and restore functions to let the system perform automated, scheduled backups
  • Enable the sending of emails by configuring the email settings