Document Management System (For Business and Private Customers)


Customised Configuration for Companies and Private ndividuals

In the Settings dialogue, you can adapt ecoDMS to match company structures and processes.

Configure ecoDMS for your internal requirements:

  • User sessions: View and manage active connections with ecoDMS
  • Document: Based on the available classification attributes and date and version information, you can globally define document file names (e.g. for downloading or sending by email)
  • Document types: Create your own document types (e.g. invoice, contract, bank statement...) with individual retention periods and icons and specify the associated classification attributes
  • Folder structure: Create the desired folders to store your documents and optionally assign appropriate access permissions
  • Classification attributes: Extend the existing classification attributes with your own entries
  • Status: Manage the document status to display the current processing status of a document
  • General Settings: Create your own layout for ecoDMS and make individual system settings (e.g. for displaying resubmissions, sending e-mails...)
  • File Indexing: Watch the progress of full-text indexing (OCR). ecoDMS displays the number of documents that have already undergone full-text indexing.
  • Languages: Administrators can select the languages for full-text recognition: German, English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Italian
  • OCR: If required, enable ecoDMS OCR as default for all new documents.
  • Scaninput: Manage your Scaninput folders for scanned documents and store your own access permissions, classification templates and other configurations
  • License: Activate your ecoDMS license and retrieve your license information
  • Backup: Configure the backup and restore functions for automated, scheduled backups
  • WEB / API: You can access ecoDMS with ecoDMS Client, Webclient and API REST service. Manage the respective services in the Settings dialogue