Document Management System (For Business and Private Customers)

PDF/A Printer

The virtual PDF/​A printer from ecoDMS enables easy archiving of documents from printable applications, such as image and graphic editors, inventory management systems and many more as a PDF-​A document.

The PDF/A printer is a printer driver dedicated to archiving documents in ecoDMS. It forms the interface to external programmes and then allows quick and prompt document archiving.

In addition a simple click on the print function of the respective programme saves the files directly in the appropriate folder and for the right person.

Archiving Automatically (Dark Process)

The contents of a classification template can be copied to the clipboard and pasted to any position. In this way you can save, for example, dummy text in documents that is recognised and set for classification in ecoDMS when archiving via the ecoDMS PDF/A printer.

You can also carry out a dark process (automatic archiving in the background) via the PDF/A Printer. In this process, users can archive the documents together with the matching classification information in ecoDMS, without performing any actions.

Enhanced Features under Windows

You can configure various options for the PDF/A printer under Windows. You can configure several print profiles.

  • Saving document as (select output file)
  • Saving letter template
  • Classifying and archiving files
  • Searching classification templates and setting values automatically
  • Printing file on paper
  • Sending file by email
  • Opening file