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Template Designer

Automatically classify and archive documents using classification templates

Classification templates enable automatic document recognition and archiving. You can create them with the integrated template designer in ecoDMS.

Incoming documents are automatically assigned according to specified attributes and are archived in a dark process without requiring user interaction. Document recognition is based on pre-configured keywords, barcodes, layouts or identified zones, which are saved in so-called classification templates.

If a document which matches a template reaches the archive, the template designer automatically searches for the matching classification template and executes the processes specified in the template.

Information: This function requires a license for the full version of ecoDMS but can also be tested in the trial version. In the Free4Three version you can save a maximum of 1 classification template.

Create user-friendly and simple classification templates

Simple templates: 
ecoDMS can automatically classify documents based on their contents. To do so, ecoDMS needs to know the necessary keywords that occur in the document. You can enter the keywords in the template designer. If ecoDMS archives a document which matches the specified criteria, the software automatically populates the classification attributes according to your specifications.

Form templates:
The content from specific zones in a single or multi-page document can be automatically applied for classification. ecoDMS, for example, recognises the invoice number, the date, the invoice total or the matching target folder and populates the classification dialogue box with the recognised values. To do so, the user needs to define each zone in a master document. For documents with a different number of pages, the target page can be specified (Example: The invoice total is always on the last page).

Automatic archiving (dark process)

The classification templates can be set up so that ecoDMS archives documents fully automatically upon recognition. No further user interaction is required in this case.

This operation is only possible for documents that are retrieved via the scan input folder and successfully recognised by the template designer.

2D barcodes for delivery notes, for example

The template designer offers a variety of functions.

Saving a template automatically generates a barcode. The barcode contains the name of the template and calls the template upon recognition. As a rule, barcodes are used for "returned documents", i.e. for documents created "in-house" which are returned signed. (Example: Delivery notes). Barcodes are read during the scanning process via the scaninput folder.