ecoDMS: Document Management System

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Display, Download, Export, Email Dispatch

You can open, download and send the archived documents by email, or copy them to any data carrier from ecoDMS. The full version also includes a data export plugin with an offline client. 

  • Easy download / export to save / open the documents on the file system or another data medium
  • Open documents straight from ecoDMS
  • View documents in the ecoDMS preview pane (PDF)
  • Download documents via data export plugin with all classifications and versions (full version, demo version)
  • Send documents by email straight from ecoDMS

Data Export With Offline Client for Windows

  • Use the integrated data export plugin in ecoDMS to export and save selected documents and their classification attributes and versions to any data carrier.
  • During the data export ecoDMS also automatically saves an offline reader. You can use the offline reader under Windows and execute simple standard searches (full-text search, status, folder). This client does not require access to ecoDMS Server.
  • You can copy the entire folder, which was created when exporting data, to any data carrier to allow external access to the exported documents without login and without an ecoDMS installation. 

Information: This function requires a license for the full version of ecoDMS but can also be tested in the trial version. This function is not enabled in the Free4Three version. The offline reader is only available for Windows.

Assigning Global File Names for Export and Dispatch

The document settings in the ecoDMS administration area provide new options for sending and exporting documents by email.

  • Use the available classification attributes, date and version information to define document file names by default.
  • To do so, administrators can assign global file names, which ecoDMS then uses automatically based on the configured information.
  • The file name may, for example, contain the archiving date, document type, folder name, DocID and a text you define.
  • An example output for this would be "18062021-incoming-invoice-supplier-1452-sample-text.pdf".
  • You can configure these settings for conventional and versioned documents.
  • ecoDMS uses the settings you define here to generate the file name for exporting, downloading, or sending a document or a document version via e-mail.