search fulltext volltextsuche dokumentensucheSearching for documents with ecoDMS Archive is as easy as googling: You can quickly retrieve documents, metadata, classification information, permissions (user and groups) and notes by entering specific search criteria.

Full-text search as easy as googling

In ecoDMS all readable files and information is automatically full-text indexed (OCR). In this way the archive learns and saves the available texts. This makes searching for documents as easy as googling. To retrieve documents, you only need to enter the matching search terms in the ecoDMS search box. The search results are immediately displayed in the ecoDMS Archive table.

Highlight detected Search Terms

If a document preview exists for a retrieved file, the recognised words from the simple full-text search are highlighted in colour in the preview window. If a keyword occurs several times within a document, ecoDMS Archive also gives an overview of all occurrences of the keyword in the preview window. Click the required passages to open them.

Advanced full-text search

ecoDMS also recognises the metadata of a file, the available classification information and notes created in the archive. These can also be included in the search by enabling the extended full-text search.

Extended search

The extended search (combined search) combines several different search criteria, for example status, date, document type, full text. This type of search can be used, for example, to search for open invoices from customers within a specified timeframe.

Filter templates

The extended search requests can be saved as filter templates for one or more users, if required.

Screenshots from Search Functions and Filters

Search functions and Highlight detected Search Terms is available for Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, MacOS (Highlight detected Search Terms is only available in the demo and full version).

ecoDMS Archive

An efficient development and distribution concept makes the ecoDMS archive an absolute sales sensation. The Lifetime License Fee Guarantee (LLG) gives access to a constant and absolutely fair license price.