Sending business and tax relevant documents to your tax advisor is increadibly easy with ecoDMS. The arduous, manual sorting and collecting of different paper files, emails and other files has come to an end with ecoDMS. Whether paper file, email, office file, PDF or receipt, ecoDMS saves all documents in a central and digital archive.

The integrated data export function exports the necessary documents from the document management system ecoDMS, zips them and saves them to any location. The zip folder which was created for export can then be sent to the tax advisor by mail or electronic receipt transfer with just a few mouse clicks. The tax advisor can then either load individual files onto his computer or search for them and display them with the integrated offline reader via the eocDMS user interface.

Information: Usage Sample for the ecoDMS Export Function

ecoDMS One

This clever combination of ecoDMS, ecoWORKZ & ecoMAILZ licences, api connects, upgrades and support offers business customers guaranteed planning security.