The life-long licence price guarantee gives you access to a constant and absolutely fair licence price. Licence ecoDMS for a one-time payment of 89.00 Euro incl. 19% VAT per concurrent connection.

Licence Fee and Lifetime Licence Price Guarantee (LLG)

  • A licence is available for a one-time payment of 89.00 Euro including 19% VAT per simultaneous connection [Status: ecoDMS version 18.09 (apu)].
  • The lifetime licence price guarantee (LLG) offers customers a consistent and absolutely fair licence fee.
  • The LLG entitles those who buy a new Major release to pay the same licence price per simultaneous connection which they paid for their previous licence.
  • The LLG only applies if you purchase all consecutive Major releases without leaving one out.
Details: LLG

License Validity

  • A license is valid for the respective ecoDMS version and is permanent.
  • Moreover, the license has no restrictions on data volume.
  • The license fees are due only once.
  • There are no monthly or annual license costs.
  • One License = One concurrent connection, for example:
    • If you want to set up 5 workstations with ecoDMS, of which are always 3 simultaneously have access to your archive (ecoDMS Server), you need a license with the amount of "3".
    • If you later want to use all 5 workstations, you can add the 2 missing licenses by buying the product "license extensions".
  • A license is issued to a previously defined licensee.
  • It is valid to activate one server instance.
  • With an ecoDMS license you can install and use the software under all supported operating systems with full functionality and the available addons and plugins.

License Extensions

  • If required, the number of licenses can be extended during the lifecycle in form of license extensions with additional simultaneous connections.

Release Updates & Major Releases

  • Free release updates within a major release such as security updates, which may also include small function extensions, are also included in the license price.
  • Eine neue Lizenz ist erst bei einem neuen Major Release erforderlich.
  • A new license is only required with a new major release.
    • Licences from previous versions cannot be used for new versions, as they include comprehensive new features, changes and additional functions.
    • You can decide whether you wish to purchase a new major release or continue to use the existing version.
    • Of course, existing ecoDMS licenses will continue to be valid.
    • In combination with a version, a license is unlimited in time.
    • It is up to licensees whether to upgrade to a new ecoDMS version.

Additional important licence information

The following pages contain additional important information and answers to frequently asked questions, for example, about the ecoDMS licensing model, details about the lifecycle of ecoDMS versions and information about the demo version and free Free4Three Version (Community Edition).

FAQs about the licensing model

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FAQs: Licensing Model

Here you can find further important information and answers to frequently asked questions and examples concerning the ecoDMS licensing model.

License Price Guarantee

The lifetime license price guarantee (LLG) ensures that you can always purchase the ecoDMS archiving system at the same license price.

ecoDMS Archive

An efficient development and distribution concept makes the ecoDMS archive an absolute sales sensation. The Lifetime License Fee Guarantee (LLG) gives access to a constant and absolutely fair license price.