You may only activate your license for one server instance. If you want to install the license on another server instance or after a new installation, for example, you must deactivate the license first. Then you can reactivate the license on the newly installed server.

If you want to move the ecoDMS server from a computer to a NAS system, you must first deactivate the license on that computer. Then you can reactivate the freed license on the new server. You can transfer your existing data and settings through the backup and restore function.

The responsible ecoDMS administrator activates and deactivates a license in the settings dialogue box in the ecoDMS client. Refer to the ecoDMS manual for a detailed description of how to activate a license and how to backup and restore your data.


If you cannot deactivate the license according to the instructions in the ecoDMS manual because, for example, you did not deactivate your license as described above, you can request our support staff to reset (deactivate) your license. For this scenario, we offer a free form on our website.

Restore License

License Price Guarantee

The lifetime license price guarantee (LLG) ensures that you can always purchase the ecoDMS archiving system at the same license price.