You can use this modern archiving system to scan, archive, manage and retrieve any documents and information from your PC, smart phone and tablet.

This archiving system makes archiving and managing your documents simple and convenient. All documents can be archived, automatically full-text indexed and, if required, classified with a few mouse-clicks without requiring your interaction.

ecoDMS uses intelligent template recognition to automatically determine document affiliation and stores the files in the correct place and for the specified users.

Access to the archive is possible from any platform and location via desktop or web client. Integrated text recognition and numerous search functions make searching for documents as easy as googling. The entire system is quick to install and easy to operate.

ecoDMS securely saves all data in containers and a database. No information is stored on third party servers, at ecoDMS GmbH, or on the file system, where it would be easy to manipulate. The whole system is at your installation location.

The software complies with legal and auditing requirements and includes a professional backup system.

State-of-the-Art Client-Server Technology

As a client-server system, ecoDMS Server forms the base of the entire archiving solution. The postgreSQL database and containers that store all data and information form an integral part of the server installation. All available services for the ecoDMS API REST service and the web service (web client) are also included. The term "server" at ecoDMS does not denote a piece of hardware but a software component.

ecoDMS Server is installed once on a central computer, server hardware or NAS. ecoDMS Client and the additional components can be installed on any number of other supported devices.

The system can be installed as a standalone solution (server, client and additional functions on one computer) and as a network solution with server access from several different devices.

The component-based process server (ecoDMS Server) ensures platform independence and the high scalability of the entire archiving solution. The system's service-oriented architecture (SOA) also ensures that existing IT infrastructures can be modularly and flexibly aligned with a company's business requirements. This allows every company to precisely equip the archiving processes with the necessary structures, configurations and permissions.

A New Era of Document Archiving

The clever combination of mature OpenSource components and professional customizing and an entirely new and modern sales model has opened up new ground in "digitalisation and archiving". ecoDMS clearly stands out from the numerous competitors in the DMS sector.

Extract of Features Offered by ecoDMS

  • Cross-platform client-server system
    • Server component with a modern container storage system and postgreSQL database
    • Comprehensive desktop client for the computer
    • Modern web client for PC, smart phone and tablet
  • Endless storage capacity (your technical system environment determines the storage space)
  • Archives all file formats,
    • such as PDF, Office files, emails, images, music, agreements, invoices, bank statements, delivery notes and much more.
  • Automatic text recognition through full-text indexing with the "Tesseract" OCR
  • Many intelligent search functions and filter options,
    • such as full-text search, attribute search, filter templates, and much more.
  • Automatic archiving and classification using classification templates created with the integrated template designer
  • Scanning and archiving paper documents
  • Quick archiving via drag & drop and sidepanel
  • PDF editor with stamp function
  • Legally compliant data erasure concept according to the generally accepted principles of computerised accounting systems in Germany (GoBD) and the GDPR
  • Simple email archiving from Thunderbird & Outlook via mouse-click
  • Plugins for OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Microsoft Office
  • User & group management
  • LDAP and Active Directory connection
  • Clipboard for creating customised "document portfolios"
  • Version management
  • Audit-compliant document history
  • Convenient backup & restore function
  • Unlimited license period with lifetime license fee guarantee
  • Freely scalable and configurable for any number of user groups and sizes

This is a small extract of all the possibilities ecoDMS offers. Convince yourself of the advantages of this document management system and test the software for free.

Made in Germany

ecoDMS GmbH is a company of the renowned applord Holding Europe GmbH from Aachen (North-Rhine Westphalia, Germany). We supply software, support and custom developments straight from the manufacturer.

Video: Download & Installation

Quick and Easy Steps to an Optimum Archiving System
This video presents the components and shows which software and first steps are necessary for the installation. The following link will take you directly to the YouTube webpage.

Industry Solutions

The ecoDMS archive is suitable for any company size and for all industries and can even be used in private households.

ecoDMS Archive

An efficient development and distribution concept makes the ecoDMS archive an absolute sales sensation. The Lifetime License Fee Guarantee (LLG) gives access to a constant and absolutely fair license price.