What is ecoDMS?

The most powerful and affordable document management system in the world

ecoDMS is the standard for simple, long-term, revision-compliant and platform-independent archiving of all types of documents. The software cleans up desks and brings order to the office. Folders and general paper consumption can be reduced to a minimum with this document management system.

In compliance with the law and auditing requirements, ecoDMS includes a professional backup system for data backup and recovery. As a standalone solution, in small and large networks, on a NAS and as a rental solution, ecoDMS offers enormous scalability.

All documents are automatically full-text indexed and, if required, classified and archived by the system itself. The integrated, automatic text recognition (OCR "Tesseract") and the search and filtering functions make searching for documents as easy and fast as googling. Wherever you are: ecoDMS provides quick access to all documents on your computer, laptop, smart phone and tablet.

Analogue. Digital. Central.

The software combines all documents and information in one central, electronic archive. You can use it to archive, manage and retrieve paper-based and digital documents. ecoDMS contains a wide range of features for saving documents, such as:

  • Email archiving from the most common email programmes via plugin
  • Document archiving from common Office programmes via plugin
  • Archiving from any printable third-party software via PDF/A printer
  • Lightning-fast storage of almost all files via drag & drop
  • Digitisation of paper documents using conventional document scanners
  • Direct archiving from smart phone and tablet via web client

Boundless. From anywhere.

Central and location-independent archiving offers you convenient access to all documents

  • at the workplace
  • from on the road
  • while travelling
  • and in the home office.

The intuitive user interface for desktop, web browser, smart phone and tablet make it easy to

  • securely save
  • professionally manage
  • and quickly retrieve all documents.

Modern. Flexible. Secure.

As a client-server system, ecoDMS Server forms the base of the entire archiving solution. The term "server" in connection with ecoDMS does not denote a piece of hardware but a software component. This component-based Process Server from ecoDMS provides platform independence and the enormous system scalability.

The service-oriented architecture (SOA) also ensures that existing IT infrastructures can be modularly and flexibly aligned with a company's business requirements. This ensures that ecoDMS can be configured with your configurations and permissions and matches your exact structures. The storage of data and information in a postgreSQL database and in containers is revision-compliant.

No information is stored on third party servers, at ecoDMS GmbH, or on the file system, where it would be easy to manipulate. The entire system is located where you installed it. ecoDMS has infinite storage volume. The actual storage space is determined by your technical system environment.

Document Management System
Audit-compliant, platform-independent software for archiving, managing and finding all documents and files.
  • All documents and files
    • Secure archiving
    • Easy management
    • Quick retrieval
  • Compliant with auditing standards (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Windows, Linux, NAS, MacOS
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
only €   89,- (incl. 19% VAT)
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per concurrent connection
  • incl. 24 months update period