network archiv solution ecodms ecoDMS is a Client-Server-System. To start, install all necessary ecoDMS components. The basic system elements are the ecoDMS Server, the ecoDMS Client incl. Connection Manager and Inbox and the virtual PDF/A Printer. In addition, there are optional plugins, Addons and mobile apps.
  • As a client-server system, the ecoDMS Server forms the base of the entire application. The server is not a piece of hardware, but a software component. The ecoDMS Server is installed once on a central computer, a server or an NAS.
  • You can then install the ecoDMS Client and plugins on any number of other computers.
  • From each workstation the connection to the ecoDMS Server is made via the Connection Manager.
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Configuration example for companies and private individuals

When first installing ecoDMS Archive, business customers and private individuals can automatically install default settings and use the software immediately. The default configuration contains example settings. Of course these settings can be modified and/or performed manually. The default configuration does not include any documents. The configuration does contain a first selection of available document types and classification attributes. Customers who wish to install the default settings at a later date can download the necessary backup file in the download area of this website. Industry Solutions

Video: Download & Installation

Quick and Easy Steps to an Optimum Archiving System
This video presents the components and shows which software and first steps are necessary for the installation. The following link will take you directly to the YouTube webpage.

Direct Manufacturer Support

Our support team will be pleased to address your technical and content-related questions regarding ecoDMS GmbH software.


Our PDF manuals contain a comprehensible and detailed explanation of the software. Download the manuals for the current ecoDMS version 16.09 (eleanor) here.

ecoDMS Archive

An efficient development and distribution concept makes the ecoDMS archive an absolute sales sensation. The Lifetime License Fee Guarantee (LLG) gives access to a constant and absolutely fair license price.