certificate zerifikat revionssicherheit ecodms archivecoDMS fulfils the technical requirements for audit proof archiving and therefore complies with audit standards.

If documents should be destroyed after scanning, you also need a “audit proof archiving software” (DMS). Some DMS manufacturers therefore market their software with slogans such as "audit proof", "TÜV (German Technical Inspection Authority) tested". This leads users to believe there is a guarantee for legally compliant data storage and document destruction. This, however, is not correct.

The validity of a general software certificate is a widespread myth. For the GoBD (German principles of orderly accounting), third-party certificates are not relevant. The so-called "Certificates of Audit Proof Archiving" are usually very costly for the software manufacturer, which, however, can only be booked as an internal marketing expense.

Actually, the audit proof of a solution is individually inspected in each company that is using the software. Audit proof depends on many factors and can only be achieved by the company using the DMS. A substantial aspect in audit proof archiving is a technically audit compliant DMS software, which includes professional setup and handling, correct assignment of permissions, regular data backup, and the processing of the correct internal workflows within the individual company. Furthermore, companies are legally required to document their processes according to the GoBD as proof for audit proof archiving.
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With us you purchase a audit proof archiving software. We offer our customers support in producing the optional, legally compliant process documentation for their company.