The entire archiving system can be used as single seat solution without restrictions. The scalability of the software allows its application across a broad spectrum of industries and users. This technical amenity now also makes the digital archive attractive to private users. The reason is that the ecoDMS server component need not necessarily be installed on server hardware. As long as the device fulfils the official ecoDMS system requirements, server and client can be installed together on a local computer or laptop. All documents are securely stored at the customer's premises on their PC or in the postgreSQL database and in containers, instead of being stored on external servers or on a file system, where they can easily be manipulated.

If required, the single seat solution can also be transformed into a network solution. The ecoDMS server including all data is simply transferred to a network device via data backup and restore. Alternatively, the current device can also be made available to other users via network, VPN or other accesses. The only requirement for accessing the archive is that the ecoDMS server must always be available. This means that the computer or laptop must be switched on. The server component must run smoothly.

ecoDMS Version 18.09 (apu)

Download the current version of the successful archiving system and test the features for free for 30 days. In the shop you can purchase licences for the full version.