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  • An ecoDMS version can always be used without limitation even after a lifecylce has ended.
  • However, only the last two versions of ecoDMS are supported.
  • An earlier ecoDMS version will still be available for download on the ecoDMS website.
  • With the end of the lifecycle, however, this Major release will no longer be updated or supported.
  • Users have no right for rectification in case of incompatibility after the lifecycle has come to an end.

Lifecycle of each ecoDMS version

VersionLifecycle StartLifecycle End
1.0 (barney) 11.2007 timer_off 06.2010
1.1 (uter) 04.2009 timer_off 06.2011
10.05 (uter) 06.2010 timer_off 07.2012
11.06 (cletus) 06.2011 timer_off 09.2014
12.05 (brandine) 07.2012 snooze 09.2016
14.08 (krusty) 10.2014 snooze 10.2018
16.09 (eleanor) 09.2016 snooze 03.2021
18.09 (apu) 10.2018 alarm_on 03.2023
burns 03.2021

Lifecycle Description and Details

ecoDMS Mobile
verified_user verified_user verified_user verified_user verified_user verified_user
alarm_on alarm_on alarm_on alarm_on - alarm_on
snooze - - - - -
verified_user = This is the current major release with full lifecycle.
alarm_on = This is a previous version. The lifecycle is active but restricted.
snooze = The lifecycle of this version has expired. This version continues to be available for download.
timer_off = The lifecycle of this version has expired.
date_range = This version is under development and is currently not available.

ecoDMS Mobile

ecoDMS mobile is an exception in the lifecycle: The mobile service provided by ecoDMS GmbH and the associated mobile apps are under continual further development. The latest version of ecoDMS mobile is always available for download in the App stores. The functions, services and processes are always in line with the technical development of the latest ecoDMS version. After the lifecycle of an ecoDMS Archive version has expired, ecoDMS can no longer guarantee the functions and services for that specific ecoDMS Archive version. Users have no right for rectification of the ecoDMS mobile version in case of incompatibility with an ecoDMS version after the lifecycle has come to an end. Please note: The mobile apps are available up to and including version 16.09 (eleanor). As of version 18.09 (apu), ecoDMS Mobile has been replaced by the new Web Client with responsive design.
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