ecoDMS One comprises the full versions and separate, free NFR licenses to allow customers to comprehensively test the software and also connect proprietary systems. These licenses are available for the software products (only for "ecoDMS Archive" incl. API and "ecoMAILZ") purchased in the ecoDMS One package. Get 2 NFR connections per 10 connections / users here.

The NFR licenses offer full functionality without restrictions. This allows you to examine all functions and possibilities provided by our archiving systems. During the license term, you will receive all available updates and upgrades for the NFR licenses. This enables you to install and test new software versions before productive deployment on a separate server first.

For ecoDMS Archive, the API REST Service is unrestricted for the NFR license, as in the full version. Any applications, such as CRM systems, inventory management software, accounting systems and much more can be connected to ecoDMS Archive through API programming. The NFR license supplied with the ecoDMS One package provides software developers with the necessary flexibility and freedom when connecting their systems. All functions can be explored and checked in test mode before productive deployment.

Our specialists offer support within the scope of the respective ecoDMS One support during the test phase and also during productive operation.

ecoMAILZ license giveaway!

ecoDMS One offers businesses guaranteed planning security. The full solution comprises licenses, support and software maintenance with updates and upgrades for ecoDMS, ecoMAILZ and ecoDMS API. The current business package includes the "ecoMAILZ" email archive for free.

Full Archiving Solution

  • Exclusively for business customers
  • Fixed pricing structure
  • Guaranteed planning security
  • Updates & upgrades for both archiving systems
  • Direct manufacturer support
  • Revision compliant document archiving with ecoDMS
  • Legally compliant email archiving with ecoMAILZ
  • Full API access to the ecoDMS archive
  • Personal contact
  • Free NFR test licences