The Full Package for Business Customers

ecoDMS ONE: Guaranteed planning security with fixed annual calculable cost

ecoDMS ONE includes transparent pricing that offers long-term planning security to businesses.
  • one-time only EUR 250.00 net per concurrent connection
  • Minimum purchase: 3 concurrent connections
  • plus annual support (EUR 25.00 net per concurrent connection)
  • plus annual software maintenance (EUR 25.00 net per concurrent connection)
  • License can be extended during the contract term against payment of a license fee
Per concurrent connection, we provide the following for ecoDMS ONE:
  • ecoDMS license with 1 concurrent connection, incl. WORKZ add-on + open ecoDMS API
    • plus NFR license for the same number of licenses
  • ecoMAILZ license for 1 user
    • plus NFR license for the same number of licenses
  • 1 x 15 min. support unit (direct contact with the manufacturer)
Validity of the purchased ecoDMS ONE licenses
  • The update period for all purchased software products is the same as the license term for ecoDMS ONE
  • If the update period expires, all included add-ons are automatically disabled (add-ons = WORKZ add-on, ecoDMS API)
  • You can continue using the standard software without restrictions (but you can no longer upload updates)
  • The customer decides whether to extend ecoDMS ONE and all associated software products
  • Extending ecoDMS ONE extends the update period of the licenses and re-enables all ecoDMS add-ons
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