Comprehensive archive solution with guaranteed planning security (Exclusively for business customers)

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What is ecoDMS ONE?

All-inclusive service for business people:
Our AllinONE Business Solution offers guaranteed planning security with fixed annual support fees and all available version updates.

The ecoDMS ONE solution focuses on business clients.
Entrepreneurs want to make long-term plans and value an all-inclusive service. This is why they prefer purchasing software that already includes support and update services.

The ecoDMS ONE package offers just that!

  • Guaranteed planning security
  • with fixed, calculable annual support fees
  • and all available version updates.

The solution is sold through the conventional sales department with annual invoicing.

Everything you need for digitalisation and archiving in one package:

The ecoDMS ONE package contains the following products and services. Click an icon to view a product page and learn more about the product.
User-friendly software for archiving, managing, and finding all documents and information on your PC or from your smart phone and tablet.
  • Central archiving of all
    documents, emails, files, and data
  • Quick retrieval with full-text search
  • Legally compliant (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Desktop and web client
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Windows, Linux, NAS, MacOS
just 100.00 EUR net (Business Edition)
  • one-time purchasing price for 1 concurrent connection
  • any concurrent connections (Business Edition)
  • incl. 24-month update period
A software for communication via video chat, automatic email and document import, and for automating processes in ecoDMS.
  • Workflow light: Acknowledgement & Approval
    of documents like invoices, management analyses, etc
  • Video chat
    for document-based collaboration
  • File import to ecoDMS
  • Email import to ecoDMS
  • Integration in ecoDMS desktop client
just 83.19 EUR net
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per ecoDMS license number

Email Archiving - Automated -
Software for automatic and secure archving of all incoming and outgoing emails and their attachments.
  • Automatic archiving
    of all emails including attachments
  • Quick retrieval with text recognition
  • Mail inbox and mail outbox
  • Legally compliant (GoBD, DSGVO)
  • Web client
  • PC, smart phone, tablet
  • Windows, Linux, NAS
just 57.98 EUR net
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per user
  • incl. 24-month update period
The ecoDMS API of the ecoDMS document management system is a REST Service interface which developers can use to develop their customizations or integrations.
  • REST Service interface for programmers
  • Connect ecoDMS to third-party systems
    e.g. CRM, merchandise management, etc
  • API Rest Service
  • Create customized functions
  • Access basic DMS server functions
from 0.30 EUR net
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per monthly upload / download
  • ecoDMS Full Version license number is prerequisite
For our software we provide excellent service and support straight from the manufacturer via phone and email, including remote maintenance.
Expert support
straight from the manufacturer
  • Installation
  • Setup
  • Operation
  • Troubleshooting
from 21.43 EUR net
  • one-time purchasing price
  • per support package

Free NFR Licenses for Your Test Environment

  • To enable users to comprehensively test the software and, for example, connect it to proprietary systems, ecoDMS ONE comprises the full software versions plus separate, free NFR licenses.
  • The NFR licenses offer full functionality without restrictions.

New Software Versions and Support Included

  • Those who decide to purchase ecoDMS ONE no longer need to worry about buying new software versions or receiving support.
  • ecoDMS specialists offer support within the scope of the respective ecoDMS ONE support during the test phase and during productive operation.
  • With the purchase of the required software license, all further costs for support and updates are included in the annual license fee.
Product Consulting / Pre Sales
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