ecoMAILZ: Automatic Email Archiving

  • New: Validation of e-mails from the file system
    • ecoMAILZ automatically renames emails which are downloaded from the file system and cannot be archived.
    • Suffix .validationErr bzw. .err
  • New: Validation of e-mails from IMAP, POP3 and Exchange
    • ecoMAILZ handles erroneous emails, which are downloaded via IMAP, POP3 and Exchange and cannot be archived, as follows:
      • If the validation of an email returns an error, ecoMAILZ creates a new message to which the erroneous email is attached.
      • If the erroneous email is detected a second time, it is not archived again.
  • New: Change the password of local ecoMAILZ user
    • Users themselves can always change the password of their local ecoMAILZ user
  • Bugfix: IMAP folders with the same name are now displayed

Security Information

We value the security of your data and information. With each update we optimise our software. In doing so, we work according to the latest security standards. We therefore advise you to always install the latest version of all ecoDMS components.