With this state-of-the art email archive, you can store your emails securely in a central archive and quickly retrieve them from your PC, mobile phone or tablet. See for yourself the performance of this professional email archiving solution.
With ecoMAILZ you can start importing existing emails starting any time you choose, so there is no need to feel compelled to act immediately.
A strong connection: Merge ecoMAILZ email archiving with your ecoDMS Archive. Benefit from the numerous advantages of a central storage location for all your files and data.
ecoMAILZ is quick to install and easy to operate. The integrated settings area allows customers to configure their email archive.
ecoMAILZ is based on a state-of-the-art container storage system. This proven storage technology does not require a separate database.
ecoMAILZ automatically full-text indexes every readable file. The integrated full-text search allows you to quickly retrieve your emails and their attachments.
ecoMAILZ enables the erasure of emails according to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Emails that are no longer required can be erased from the archive according to the two-man rule, and are replaced by an erase log.
Connect ecoMAILZ directly with Thunderbird. The addon displays the archiving status of your emails in Thunderbird and offers various settings.
The MS Office Addin for Outlook connects ecoMAILZ with your email interface. This allows you to monitor the archiving status and make various archiving settings directly in Outlook.
The modern "Responsive Design" of ecoMAILZ allows you to access the email archive via web browser from your PC, smart phone or tablet.
Archiving all emails in containers offers convenient data backup and restore options.
The authentication of your emails is convenient and easy because it uses the credentials of your email server. It is not necessary to create proprietary ecoMAILZ users.