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Automatic and legally compliant email archiving (for business and private users)

Automated Email Import

Flexibly Connect Mail Servers and Groupware Solutions

ecoMAILZ automatically archives emails from the point in time the user specifies. The software offers import functions from different email servers, groupware solutions, and the file system.

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft 365
  • IMAP / POP3
  • File System
  • Gmail (Coming soon)

ecoMAILZ automatically retrieves all emails for archiving, fully indexes text, readable information and attachments, and saves the messages securely in containers.

Adapter as Interface to Popular Email Systems

The heart of ecoMAILZ is the integrated email archive based on container storage technology, which ensures the long-term storage of all email messages in accordance with auditing standards. The archive is populated via so-called adapters, which provide the interface to virtually all standard email systems.

There are several ways of configuring the adapters depending on the local factors of the email system you want to include. The following scenarios have practical relevance:

  • Downloading from a so-called journal mailbox via a technical user.
  • Downloading from individual mailboxes with the login credentials of the mailbox owner

Announcement | Coming soon
Gmail Adapter Authenticated using OAuth2 Protocol

To prevent access for less secure apps, we have created an ecoMAILZ app at Google that authenticates this adapter / the Gmail account using the OAuth2 protocol.

To create the adapter, select your Google account and assign the following permissions to the ecoMAILZ Google app:

  • Associate you with your personal info on Google
  • See your primary Google Account email address
  • Read, compose and send emails from your Gmail account.

Access to the emails is required for the following options in ecoMAILZ:

  • Move emails to trash after retrieval
  • or Mark emails as read

Then you enter a generated access code in ecoMAILZ.

In the adapter, check the settings and select the mailboxes in the account whose emails are retrieved via Gmail API.

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