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Automatic and legally compliant email archiving (for business and private users)

Thunderbird Add-on

Monitoring ecoMAILZ Archiving Status in Thunderbird

The Thunderbird add-on connects ecoMAILZ with the specified email interface. This allows users to monitor the archiving status in Thunderbird and control various archiving processes in ecoMAILZ.

  • The adapters created in ecoMAILZ automatically archive your emails in the background. As soon as the messages arrive, they are downloaded from the email server and transferred to the archive. 
  • The integrated traffic-light rating system displays the current archiving status of an email in Thunderbird.

Controlling ecoMAILZ Features via Thunderbird

Thunderbird has several ecoMAILZ features:

  • You can skip the review deadline for emails that have not been finally archived
  • Emails that have not been finally archived in ecoMAILZ and have the status "orange" can be removed from the archive after the review deadline has expired
  • If you inadvertently marked a message for deletion (status = red), you can undo this process within the remaining review deadline
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