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Automatic and legally compliant email archiving (for business and private users)

Full-Text Search and Filter

ecoMAILZ has intelligent search and filtering functions

ecoMAILZ automatically full-text indexes every readable file. The integrated full-text search and the available filtering functions allow you to quickly retrieve your emails and their attachments.

Full-text Recognition

Fully indexing your emails makes retrieving them as easy as googling. ecoMAILZ recognizes text when archiving the messages. Enter search terms to quickly retrieve your archived emails via the webclient.

  • Text recognition in ecoMAILZ includes the email text as well as the available, readable attachments.
  • ecoMAILZ also indexes the partially invisible background information from the email header and the headers.


Use the integrated filters to sort your emails. You can also combine the filters. The following filter options are available

  • Period
  • Status
  • Attachment
In ecoMAILZ, users have quick filters for displaying emails and their retention periods.
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