container speicher storage email archivecoMAILZ is based on a state-of-the-art container storage system. This proven storage technology does not require a separate database. ecoMAILZ automatically creates the required containers within the proprietary system environment during installation. The archived emails and their attachments are then securely encrypted and stored in these containers.

The default data volume of such a container is 500 MB. The email archive specifies this value for you. As soon as this data volume is reached, ecoMAILZ automatically creates a new container. The "full" container, of course, will continue to exist. The maximum number of containers is unlimited in ecoMAILZ Archive.

The ecoMAILZ container storage system offers you the best possible security for storing, backing up and restoring your archived emails.

ecoMAILZ E-Mail Archive

  • Legally compliant email archiving
  • Two-step archiving concept
  • Connectivity to common mail servers
  • Plugins for e-mail client
  • Cross-platform web client for research
  • Interconnection with ecoDMS
  • Importing existing emails
With ecoMAILZ you get a modern email archiving system at a fair price, which allows automatic and legally compliant archiving of all your emails.