fulltext search suche volltext ecomailz emailecoMAILZ automatically full-text indexes every readable file. The integrated full-text search allows you to quickly retrieve your emails and their attachments.

Text recognition in ecoMAILZ includes the email text as well as the available, readable attachments. ecoMAILZ also indexes the partially invisible background information from the email header and the headers. Fully indexing your emails makes retrieving them as easy as googling.

The system full-text indexes the documents during the archiving process. By entering the search terms, you can quickly retrieve your archived emails via the ecoMAILZ interface.

ecoMAILZ E-Mail Archive

  • Legally compliant email archiving
  • Two-step archiving concept
  • Connectivity to common mail servers
  • Plugins for e-mail client
  • Cross-platform web client for research
  • Interconnection with ecoDMS
  • Importing existing emails
With ecoMAILZ you get a modern email archiving system at a fair price, which allows automatic and legally compliant archiving of all your emails.