The open workflow system can automatically execute individual functions and processes with customized modules.

Process Modelling

  • The ecoWorkflow Modeller enables you to model business processes.
  • The role and user concept associates the subtasks to specific departments.

Task Overview

  • Each user has an inbox:
    • Through the dynamically configurable web interface, you can include users in business processes.
    • Personal and group tasks: Users can actively assign group tasks.
  • Escalation:
    • Escalation steps (e.g. when a task has not been addressed for more than X days)

User Masks

  • The ecoWorkflow Designer allows you to create user masks for process handling.
    • Process-dependent user masks guide employees through the entries they need to make.
    • You can map and use all standard form elements for process execution.
    • The system can dynamically show or hide elements.
  • You can view the ecoWorkflow processes in the system even after they have been closed to look at process-related information like process stakeholders.


  • Process automation
  • Open workflow system
  • Connecting any systems
  • Automating business processes
  • Large variety of functions through modules
  • Web-based control
  • Cross-platform application
  • Customizable