Licensing Model

ecoWorkflow from Build 1.0 and higher

  • Here you will find basic information on the licensing and pricing of ecoWorkflow based on a reference implementation with a standard workflow
  • Contact us! Please request a customised offer to suit your needs.
Automating processes has never been so easy, time-saving, and cost-effective. ecoWorkflow always gives you an overview of all running processes. From incoming invoices or holiday applications to fully-automated processes, ecoWorkflow benefits from many implemented projects. This open workflow system enables you to automate and optimize all business processes without any programming knowledge.
  • Open, configurable workflow system
  • Business process automation
  • Excellent overview of all ongoing processes
  • Webclient: Mobile access from everywhere
  • Business-specific modelling & configuration
  • Integrate with any systems
  • No programming knowledge required
from EUR 108.00 net
  • per month
  • plus service costs
  • ecoDMS ONE required as base application
  • exclusively for business customers
Full Package including Software, Updates + Support
The full package for businesses offers optimum planning security. ecoDMS ONE includes licenses, support, and software maintenance for ecoDMS with WORKZ add-on + API and for ecoMAILZ.
  • Guaranteed planning security
  • Full Package including
    ecoDMS with WORKZ add-on + API, and ecoMAILZ
  • Software maintenance
  • Manufacturer support
  • Updates for all included software applications
only EUR 250.00 net
  • one-time license fee
  • plus annual support (EUR 25.00 net)
  • plus annual software maintenance (EUR 25.00 net)
  • per concurrent connection
  • exclusively for business customers

ecoDMS ONE forms the base for ecoWorkflow

  • The full ecoDMS ONE package forms the base for ecoWorkflow
  • ecoDMS ONE offers a fixed pricing structure for software maintenance and support for our all our software systems.
  • The full package offers business customers guaranteed planning security with fixed annual support fees and all available version updates

What you get:

You are already using ecoDMS ONE:

Then we will install ecoWorkflow for you and implement a process based on our standard templates, e.g.

  • incoming invoice processing with one-step approval
  • 100 operations per month
  • incl. stakeholding users
  • and the associated role-based access structure

This means you can benefit from an efficient process within just a few days.

You are not yet using ecoDMS ONE:

  • Then we will be happy to offer more detailed advice on the purchase of the full solution
  • You will then receive a corresponding offer for ecoDMS ONE
  • As an option, we will install and set up the software included in ecoDMS ONE for you as a purchasable service
  • Of course, you can also implement the ecoDMS ONE software yourself
  • Then we will deploy ecoWorkflow as described above
The specific content of ecoWorkflow ultimately depends on the scope of features agreed with you in the offer.

Cost overview:


  • € 108 per month for 100 operations/month
  • Minimum contract period of 24 months incl. software updates and maintenance
  • € 18 per month from the 25th month 
  • One-time € 1,800 for the installation of ecoWorkflow, the implementation of a standard workflow and user training


  • One-time € 1,250 plus software maintenance of € 250 annually (minimum order of 5 ecoDMS ONE licenses.)
  • One-time € 450 for installation and initial setup of ecoDMS ONE (optional)

Total costs

Based on the examples given here, the total amount incl. license, software maintenance and service for the minimum contract period of 24 months is € 6,142 net

Product Consulting / Pre Sales
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