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These are the basic system requirements and technical details of ecoWorkflow.
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ecoWorkflow Product Details

ecoWorkflow Component

Windows 10
Windows Server 2016, 2019
Ubuntu LTS 20.04 (focal fossa)
64 bit mind. 2 Cores oder mind. 2 Prozessoren mind. 4 GB ca. 500 MB für die Komponente zzgl. Speicher für die Workflowdaten

Virtual machine (VM)

If you are using a virtual machine, please ensure that you are using a hardware virtual machine (HVM). PV (paravirtualisation) is not supported.

ecoWorkflow Webclient

The webclient runs in the following web browsers:
  • Google Chrome: Version 59 and later
  • Firefox: Version 54 and later
  • Safari: Version 10.1.1 and later
  • Microsoft Edge: Version 40.15063.0.0 and later
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