Here you can find questions and answers about "mobile" and "web" services and mobile apps.

FirewalleinstellungenUm den Zugriff von außen bzw. Zugriff von Drittrechnern auf ecoDMS zu ermöglichen, müssen folgende Firewall-Einstellungen am Rechner...

In order to use ecoDMS mobile (ecoDMS app for smart phones and tablets), ecoDMS provides a service that manages the communication between the...

System Environment

Please note the official system requirements for each application before installation. If your system does not meet these requirements, we cannot guarantee the smooth and stable operation of our software.

Direct Manufacturer Support

We are pleased to offer professional support and services on the way to digitalising and archiving your documents.

applord Academy

We have a broad range of training and seminar offers for our product portfolio. The training facilities of applord Holding Europe GmbH in Aachen offer a pleasant learning environment. Our course rooms are fitted with the latest hardware and professional presentation technology.